Sunday raiding - So close yet so far

Argh, no Augment meant that we couldn't bash at Ultraxion tonight.  Sigh.  But Nok was on but lagging so at least we could make a raid!

We wouldn't be able to do heroic Ultraxion now, so we just killed it on normal.  I asked Fue if we could do the achievement - it's not that different from doing heroic since someone has to stay out all the time.  And so we did!  So the people staying out for Twilight in order were Fue, Barkhoof, Bladewind, Navi, Falln, Shaba and Nok if needed (he was on Omggoaway).  But we got it after Shaba's one.  So that was cool achievement spam.  The other group at first thought we had killed heroic Ultraxion... I wish!

The other group did get it very close! At least twice they were on 5%, but it wasn't lack of DPS that held them back, it was button clicking.  I think almost everyone was guilty of stuffing up.  People got quite frustrated.  Even Voe stuffed up a few button clicks.  Ksret stuffed a few as well.  Just a little more DPS, and they would have gotten it.

My group polished off the rest of Dragon Soul on normal in a comfortable 1.5 hours, and I even managed to snag some offspec loot for myself, Starcatcher compass.  So that inspired me to try to upgrade my gear a bit more for next week's attempt.

Oh one small embarrassing moment... I told Gutsy not to die on Warmaster Blackhorn and guess who died to the shockwave. Yep.  Me.  OMG embarrassing.

Did our usual post raid arena games, only one stood out in my memory - a priest/mage/lock group.  They got us the first time as we killed their mage and they killed Sev.  There is no way we could outlast that combination and we oomed quickly and were finished off.  We got them again and beat them back, so that made me feel a bit better.  Sev got his 50k conquest point achievement.

At the end of the day, the fashion police pulled me up on my horrible mismatching DPS set.
Yes, yes I know, it's hideous.  But I'm kitty most of the time, so nobody sees what I'm wearing!  At least now I can put some of the clothes from the set Effraeti made for me to use... but I had to buy some temporary replacmeents in the meantime.  But it's not horribly bad.
I like that chest, my friend Tome of the Ancient wears a black version of it.  And Roshii said my pants were too tight.  I've decided to wear my red shirt underneath anyway since I wasn't sure if I wanted to show that much skin, but I guess it will do for  now.


  1. Grats! Your mogged set looks so great :D

  2. Even the best of us f**k up hehe


  3. Looking good Navi! Yeah, my Druid doesn't wear a shirt with her's but that's because she's always shamelessly flirting with those human guards in Stormwind.

    1. @TotA - my druid says that she felt a bit uncomfortable showing off her hairy chest, so the shirt is the best option.


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