Sunday raiding - Life on the other side

I got on a bit late on Sunday, as we had a small(ish) get together for my daughter's 4th birthday.  Which usually means adults have a dinner party and kids get a cake at the end.  But it was a late bedtime for the kids which meant I got on late.

So I logged in close to 9 and found none of my raid team was around except Lushnek, which didn't surprise me since Fue wanted to do LFR for just me and the thought of that was cringeworthy to me.  I can do LFR myself!  I didn't want people to do it with me!  But he wanted to do the everyone roll on it thing, which I felt was not very fair to the other people, but apparently everyone does it.  Anyway, I was a bit skeptical, but I asked Lushnek if he would go with me.

And it was true.  Everyone rolled on everything they could and offered to trade it for other items they wanted.  Which makes sense in terms of the way the LFR economy goes, but man that was annoying.  So, did I roll on everything?  Yes, I did.  If everyone was doing it, then why not?

But I did restrain myself from rolling on things I had much better of, like boots, and shoulders.  Lushnek rolled on them, and another feral druid asked him for it, as it would be a huge upgrade for him.  He asked if I needed it first, which I didn't, and then he passed it over.  Then that guy won the gloves which is what I really wanted!  And I selfishly thought, oh I wish we'd kept that item till the end so we had something to trade (though we would have given it over anyway).  I ended up getting Tier legs anyway, so that was still a non wasted trip.  No cool trinkets dropped, but I was happy to now have a feral 2 piece T13.  I did want to get the leatherworking legs made and I even had the mats ready (Bladeshadow Leggings) except I was missing 2 Essence of Destruction (guild bank only had 6).  I guess lucky I didn't make it then... but now what do I do with all those pristine hides? I did bum them off Lushnek after all...

So I bought the Valor gloves and hoped that it was enough for some movement upwards on the DPS meter for Ultraxion this week.

The other group was doing BOT/BWD and I was more than a little envious when I saw all the guild spam achievements go by... Heroic: Magmaw... The Only Escape... Heroic: Halfus Wyrmbreaker...

Voe seemed to not want to be there.  I don't think he likes achievements.  It might be because there is no loot involved as a reward, it's like a hollow victory to him.  So he asked me if I would like to replace him... and oh yes I did!  Can't let Aza get too far ahead of me in achievements!

So I got to sneak in and was there for Heroic: Valiona and Theralion, and then we did Elementium Monstrosity and got Elementary.

Yes I was the only nub who died on that attempt.  I can see everyone saying I'm the weak link of the team.

This was a crappy messy attempt that if you had done normally would be a wipe.  DPS on adds was uncontrolled, dispelling things which weren't supposed to be dispelled... even Hwired was like "What the hell are you guys doing?"  I did no dispelling, but I tried to churn out some heals at the end, and I admit I forgot to dispel after we didn't need the buffs/debuffs anymore...

I was talking to Beauti today, who said though it's nice to have me there, it's not the same as having Voe there.   Healing is harder, spirit link makes a big difference.  But maybe it's just getting having to get used to my type of healing.  It's been a while, after all.

Tonight it's Cho'gall.  I'd better go read up.