Sunday raiding - It's always the Paladin's fault

The other group cleared up Dragon Soul on Sunday night, so it was just our group raiding on Monday night.  And we only had 3 bosses to do, and we polished that off by 930pm.

The running joke of the night was unfortunately about Bloodzta's amusing comment he made on Sunday night.  All night the 3 healers lamented about how we weren't as good a healer as Blood.  And I'm not sure if it was because of nerfs but Madness went down like a soft pudding.  There was one hiccup where the elementium bolt hit the ground and we all died, but after that it was good.  Except that Gutsy died on the 3rd platform whilst casting Divine Hymn, I have no idea what happened there.  That was a bit sucky but we managed to get through it.  We had tons of time to spare, healing was reasonable and if I never see Gurthalak again then I would be one happy druid.  Drop a healing mace why don't you... I don't remember what the other drop was but it was useless from my point of view.

Gutsy nearly died again on Shockwave in Warmaster Blackhorn.  Well, he has to do one every raid at least.  Loot there was nice - Vial of Shadows dropped (Barkhoof took it) and Vanquisher tier helm (Shabadu -> Augment).

Shab was being a loot whore and had to give up his Tier piece (helm) to Augment.  Not that it was a major problem BUT he also looted the Gloves of Liquid Smoke (which dropped from Spine) which he can't wear now because he will lose the 4 set bonus.  Sev got Will of the Unbinding.  Shiny happy people all around.

We tried to do a rated BG afterwards but it didn't turn out too good.  I wish Gutsy would not talk about us like we're retards, we're guildies not PuGs.  Lushnek was DCing and so one attempt was enough.  Off to arena with Sev and Shab.

We had a few good wins, but those all plate teams are the pits.  Double DK + holy pally... my worst nightmare.  And I go squish.  There was a hunter shaman warlock team that we beat a few times but they clawed back on one of our ending fights and kicked our butt.  I think they worked out a strategy to deal with us picking on the hunter.  The one satisfying fight we had was with a warrior, mage and priest (I think that was the combo).  We were initially trying to kill the warrior but weren't getting anywhere, and I was getting pounded on and cc'd and suddenly Shab said let's kill the mage instead and the priest must have been still focussing on healing the Warrior because the mage went down and then we got the Warrior and priest down.  I was rather pleased with that fight.