Sunday raiding - can I just be shot and put down already

I think this picture sums up what I'm feeling pretty well.  I'm stuck in a hard place.  See that skull over my shoulder?  That's telling me I'm gonna die, I'm doomed.  And I've thrown up my hands in dismay and resignation and I'm looking at the ground, as if I'm about to let out a huge cow sigh.  Yep, that's me stuck in a Hagara ice cube but it really shows you how I feel about DPSing.

Have I said how much I don't like DPSing?  I might say it again - I don't like DPSing.  I hate being at the bottom and being below the tanks.  I hate people looking at the meters and saying OMG Navi sucks.  I hate the thought that I may have to be replaced by a better DPS when I am a good healer.  No, I'm a great healer.  It bugs me.

So we were bashing at Ultraxion again.  Now 7 dps have to be doing 32k dps for that fight to go down.  There is no way I can do that.  PERIOD.  But last night, we were just getting the technique right and the strategy right before we worry about stuff like that.

So with the group makeup we have:
Tank: Fueghan, Barkhoof
Healing: Navimie, Bladewind, Gutsy
DPS: Lushnek, Sevros, Fallnapart, Shabadu, Augment

Ultraxion heroic is different in that you have to have 2 people staying out at a time, and it's 2 minutes or something before you can stay out again.  So to get it to work we need 6 people who can stay out.

Now this is why I am dpsing.  Because as feral, I can be one of the 6 people.  And Gutsy, if he heals, can guardian spirit one of the people so they can stay out too.  So we then have 2 tanks, Fallnapart with shield wall and whatever, Augment with his cloaking, Shabadu with iceblock and me.  But you see, if Gutsy goes shadow, he can disperse it so he can be one of the 6.  I thought Bladewind being a paladin could stay out and take a hit with a bubble but Fue says he can't.  Either way, I don't see why we have to have Guardian spirit if people can stay out anyway.  Surely Falln's cooldowns would be up again if he went in the first Hour of Twilight, and then did it again for the 5th or 6th twilight.

So this is what stupid mistakes we were doing:
  1. Barkhoof was in kitty.  Fue said, "Bark, what are you doing in cat?  You're supposed to be taunting off me when I get Fading Light."  Barkhoof said "Really?  I have to tank?"  Hilarious, he really did think it was a one tank fight ><
  2. Falln's dps was abyssmal for a while.  Falln had recently transmogrified his Gurthalak into Zin'rokh.  So he didn't notice he was actually DPSing with Zin'rokh equipped since it looks the same now.  That was funny.  His DPS went up by 10k I think after he changed his weapon.
  3. Gutsy and Bladewind would BOTH die during Hour of Twilight.  Why.  I have no idea.  Gutsy said it was Bladewind's fault.
  4. Barkhoof also kept forgetting which Hour of Twilight he was supposed to stay out in.  I won't say how many wipes we had coz of that.  But I'll tell you it was MANY goes before I finally got to have a turn at staying out for Hour of Twilight.
  5. Gutsy was wondering why his healing was crappy for the first few attempts.  He discovered he was wearing his shadow gear.
  6. I must have drunk the cauldron flask while in Bear Form because I only noticed one hour into the fight that I had a stamina flask buff.
So my craphouse DPS was just bleh, BUT at least I was reasonably good on the Hour of Twilight and the Fading light.  Both times you have to click your button.  And I thought I did really good at that.  In fact the healers stuffed it up more than I did.  But then again I was only doing crappy dps anyway, and I managed to live when I was staying out.  I was excited about that.  And I've decided that if I can click the button, it can't be that hard.  So my opinion of people dying from Fading light and then saying Hour of Twilight came is just ... low :P

Fue then had a revelation. He asked me how was my tanking gear.  I nearly died.  As if DPSing wasn't bad enough, now he wanted me to tank?  I thought about it and the idea had merit.  All I had to do was live right?  And since my DPS was so shitty, at least if I was tanking I had an excuse to be at the bottom of the DPS meters.  Really!  The idea totally appealed to me.  Coz Fue can hit 30k dps, even without the cheating Blizz buff stuffup.

So after lots of stuff ups while we were learning the thing, we called it quits at about 1020pm.  And killed it on normal.  Gutsy went DPS for that and did 22k dps (compared to my shitty 18k dps) so I said "Can I PLEASE heal?  See Gutsy is better DPS!" But Fue still wants Gutsy to heal because of the guardian spirit thing.  Sigh.

The other group was doing Hagara still, and I think they made some headway.  One amusing thing that was said was that Bloodzta said he was the best healer from my group.  I had a giggle at first thinking he was joking, but I think he was serious.  Oh dear.  I won't say anymore ><


  1. haha was a fun night anyway, we got it to 35% at best i think which was ok i recon. Blood is a good healer but i dont think he is the best from out group,i think guts would be (cringes waiting for navi to pounce at that) but i dont read healing meters at all. Bloods raid awareness is a bit how "how ya going" at times but seems to have improved a bit. All in all i think heroic ultraxion is a great fight and the mechanics are great. My thoughts anyway.


    1. @Falln - Gutsy heals better than me? /snort

  2. Come to my group navi where your heals will be appreciated. They can have blood since he is so good :D


  3. Na its cool voe you can keep him. I dont know whos the better healer navi, just he was always the better healer when we raided in zodiac :P. Please dont hurt me :)


  4. @Voe - Poor Blood he has become the butt of many jokes... Nobody is as good as Blood in my group now.
    @Falln - I agree, they can keep him. We have Yuda/Bladewind. Much better trade IMO.

  5. Looks like i could squeeze in for heroic ultraxon :P I probably dps better than Navi (uh-oh...) and I have cauterize and iceblock which equals 3 lifes and can take 2 consecutive twilight :P, should get Shadabu to do the same.


  6. @Ksret - nice try Ksret :P you're not taking my raid spot at the moment!


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