Saturday's Firelands and this week's achievements

Well, it was Saturday Firelands again, and I was a bit late logging on so I didn't get into the raid.  But I did want to get the achievement from Staghelm still.  It's more like Only the Patient... rather than Only the Penitent...

It was looking good!  We had everyone in their spots.  Sev zoned out (not sure why, but he said HK asked him to, but HK said he didn't say that, so all a big misunderstanding) so I could zone it, and everyone was sitting in their little spots ready to go.  I was heading up.  I freaked out because I stood at one point instead of sat, but fortunately managed to sit just in time!  Phew.  I thought it was going to be my turn to stuff it up.

Poof!  The orbs disappeared.  "Oh no!" said Hwired.  "I thought I was standing up so I sat down but it made me stand up and I got hit..."

LOL, oh dear!  Another week not done.  Ayelena piped up "It wasn't me this time Navi!"  LOL, indeed it wasn't.  I was more worried I would stuff it up for everyone.

Hwired said later he would come along next week, just to ruin my achievement again. /giggle well, it's actually rather funny the whole thing now!

With Darkmoon Faire this week, I managed to get a few more achievements, I was super pleased to be finally able to get this on my first daily - Blastenheimer Bullseye:

Then later in the week I noticed all my dungeon artifacts got reset!  I won A Treatise on Strategy in my first and only heroic dungeon this week, which was really exciting for me, and I thought oh good, I can hand it in and get closer to finishing my achievement - but the mini-patch reset them!  Grrr.  Cymre had that happen to her and she told me that I should buy the rest in case it happened again.  So I did.  And that was Darkmoon Dungeoneer and Darkmoon Despoiler done.

And nice wins in arenas this week tipped me over for my 50,000 Conquest points achievement.  Interestingly, I don't have my 50,000 Valor points achievement yet.  Hmmm.

Well, fingers crossed for that achievement next week!


  1. Better safe than sorry imo, even though I'll be handing in more next month for the extra tickets. Need 6 pets to buy :P

  2. That bullseye achi is a pain to get but i finaly got it myself to, you land in what seems the center but apparently its not><. I brought a "A treatise on strategy off the AH for 250g the other day and sold it for 7.5k, what a profit, i was pleased with myself for that:)


  3. I too, was quite aggravataed when I found they all reset. Sneaky carnies. But, lesson learned. Next month, when the moon is full, and the March winds blow, I'll be able to go back to the faire in earnest. This month, it was all about love, baby!

  4. Grats on the chieves!! That bullseye one truly is a major pain. Heh, one time I forgot levitate on my priest when trying for that and I ended up like a mile out in the water with fatigue. Oops!!

  5. Grats on hitting the bullseye! I have to agree with Matty, those carnies are cheaters, I KNOW I hit the bullseye but they want to sell more tickets so they like, move it around or something!

  6. @Cymre - well the pressure is off now so I can relax about the extra things!
    @Falln - Oh so that was what you sold
    @Matty - You go get them Matty! LOL
    @Euphy - LOL I didn't know you could go out THAT far!
    @TotA - Thanks! Did you know you could cheat if you had a nice warlock portal in there? Get someone to summon you to that spot... I did want to try it and see if it was true but I ended up getting it this month

    1. I wish I'd heard that before I spent a gazillion on tickets. I would have tried that. I finally got it but those guys cheated, I just know it!

  7. That's awesome! Congratulations on the Conquest Points and all your other achievements! The Bullseye one has to be really tough; half the time it seems impossible to even get credited for being in the ring.

    I'm surprised you haven't hit 50,000 Valor as well. Do you know how close you are?

    1. @lilpeanut - thx! I think I am still 9k off valor 50k but that's because I am always lazy with my valor cap.


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