Saturday Firelands - Kneel to the Flame!

At last.  After weeks of trying and hoping not to stuff it up, we did it at last...

All 6 of us managed to sit in our little spots and click the orbs.  I was panicking, thinking OMG are we going to do it in time?  But yes!  We did it.  Yay.  Nobody stuffed up.  Not even Ayelena, or Hwired, or Faith.  Yay!

Hwired came on his scrub priest.  He did alright for his level.  I cringed when I saw his 325 level weapon, but he did have valour boots!  Not chanted though.  But meh, he's being carried to get some gear, and there's lots of gear in Firelands.

But, we decided to do heroic Staghelm.  And we managed to do it!  That was exciting.  So I laughed that Hwired's priest could do heroic Staghelm but wasn't high enough level to queue for random 85 heroics.  I guess having Dragon Soul gear makes a big difference.  Hwired had earlier picked up a trinket that I wanted but then I was super excited because heroic Jaws of Defeat dropped which I wanted to replace my normal version.  And we one shot Rag as well.  Phew.

Afterwards, I was hanging around late and joined a PuG ToC25.  Would have liked to do it heroic, but the person running it was just after achievements.  I had a few, but I did manage to pick up 2 more from that run:

Not One, But Two Jormungars (25 man)

The Traitor King (25 man)
All up a good night for me.  Now to sub all the other people in for their achievements in Firelands...


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