Roshii has completed the Achievement: "Rare Mounts of Cataclysm"

Talk about about lucky. Or perseverence. Whatever it is, Roshii has it in abundance.

This morning he rang me to tell me that he got Poseidus and I was super excited for him! So I logged on to have a look at his sexy new mount.

I told him if he kept this up, next week he should be getting Aeonaxx! But he was in such a good mood he went and did some rare hunting for me and managed to get Ankya and also saw Blazewing - I'll have to see if his picture is better than Ayelena's to make the gallery.

So I had hung up from him and not long after I hung up he rang again to tell me he just got Aeonaxx!!! OMG!!! So now Roshii has now got every rare mount spawn for Cataclysm. That should put him in a good mood for the rest of the month!

He's gone back to bed since he was up at 5 rare hunting, so I can't get any pics right now (will update later) but here he is with his kill.

Congratulations you lucky bastard :)  I wonder if we'll now have a bevy of Frostwolves campers at 5-6am.

Edit: Here is the lucky boy and his mount!


  1. On my Rogue I think I'm around 40-50 hours of sitting and farming Aeonaxx. I won't lie, I'm kinda bitter.

    I've had way too many distractions to go back there, well basically since the Transmog patch hit, but it's one I would still like.

    1. @arcanewordsmith - camping is always the pits. I wish you luck for your mount farming JD.

  2. seriously WTF?? Thats BS, but grats to him :)

  3. 5-6am I can totally do that lol :)


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