Reunited - A world of warcraft video

Shaba and Enna gifted me with a piece of music, and I thought it was so lovely I had to do something with it, so I made a WoW video out of it.  So here it is!  It's called Reunited - a story of 2 lovers, separated and then reunited in death/undeath.


Thanks to Enna/Beauti, Gley/Beasti, and Serayl(Sevros) for allowing me to direct them.  And a special thanks to Cymre who came on her alliance toon to slaughter Serayl for me, and Shab for the moral support!


  1. That was beautiful music, I really liked the video Navi but I'm shocked by Cymre! Being all slaughtery like that, shocking!

  2. Nice job Navi :) I can't help but laugh at the drowning scene tho lol. And Enna walking in slow mo, dressing up to battle that evil Serayl... that was just epic!

  3. @TotA - it's not as bad as you think! I had to find someone with an alliance toon who was a friend so I could get them to kill Serayl (you can duel each other as horde but you can't actually make them die). And you don't see her doing it, you just see Serayl fall down and die... so it's not so bad!
    @Shab - I also laugh at the drowning scene, I know that's terrible of me! Now we have to find out what Gley and Enna and Sev think of the clip :)

  4. The quality of your videos has improved a lot since our one :)

    1. @Cymre - I was just starting out :) but I can make a better one for you if you like when you guys are free!

  5. Nice Navi - but the important character died! :p

  6. Navi, you have a natural talent and I really enjoy watching your movies. You always seem to blend the music with the right scenes and I think this is just a great story as well.

    Keep it up, please.


  7. @Sevros - but you were the evil jealous ex lover!
    @Ayelena - TY Ayel :) that is a great compliment :)

  8. what beautiful music =)
    And such a fitting video to match!
    I hope one day I can make a lovely video too


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