New Rares this week

Last week I was so excited about Roshii and his mounts and rares that I totally forgot a few of the ones I found last week!

Xariona is the boss level rare that flies around in Deepholm.  I was glad I managed to see her because it wasn't long before a couple of my guildies set out to kill her.  Poor Azadelta, he was so excited to see her when his NPCscan went off, he went and attacked her not realizing that this WASN'T Aeonaxx... splat ouch!

Blood seeker, also from Deepholm, is the one that shares the spawn timer with Aeonaxx.  Roshii found this and sent me this pic, he said when his NPCscan went off he nearly had a heartattack but it was just this little fella.

I have been looking for Cyrus for AGES.  Cymre sent me an SMS saying he was up and I quickly got on to grab a picture before all those camel farmers came across him and slaughtered him.

I was up in Mount Hyjal with Cymre taking a ton of pictures of these two rare spirit beasts.  So many mobs around Magria, it was annoying.  I already have pictures of these two but I was trying to get a better one.  At least this time there was no pressure from hunters and other nasty rare killers out there.

Shadikith the Glider is one of the rare spawn bosses in the basement of Karazhan.  Only one more for me to find now, the spider!

This rare spawns out of the portals crated by Scarshield Warlocks in LBRS.  It was annoying because you sit there and they open a portal, rubbish demons come out, and the warlocks cast shadowbolts at you and eventually oom themselves and they don't cast that many portals.  It took me quite a few goes to get this because I often accidentally killed the warlocks trying to get away from them.

 Dreadwhisper was too big!  I couldn't get his name in the picture.


  1. You lucky thing... I've been dying this see Xariona for ages now, and Aeonaxx for that matter. Deepholm is a really boring place to camp.

    1. @Cymre - is that coming from the person who got a camel and a seahorse within 12 hours? And you call me lucky? :D

  2. so you missed out on terborus this morning navi, i got a screen shot if you wana use it?? Still can beleve i afk'd for the aeonaxx spawn last night /cry


    1. @Falln - I feel bad for you Falln! But I would love to see that Terborus shot... such an elusive pink worm!

  3. The spirit beasts are the best... :P


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