New Rares this week

Phew all the way to Bloodmyst Isle to get this rare.  A shame there aren't that many rare in the BC starting zones, unlike all the normal starting zones.

This is actually a new rare for Cataclysm in Wetlands.  Didn't show up on my Silverdragon.  I found it while I was looking for some transmog gear on Wowhead and thought... hmm I don't know that rare in Wetlands!  Fortunately he was there the second time I flew over the area.

Finally got my ass in gear and went to Kara to start getting the rare elite spawns there.  This week Rokad spawned and he's tameable if you want a red plaguehound.


  1. Oooooooooooh Red Plaguehound :O

    I am going to need to investigate this further... :D

  2. @Godmother - I'm glad someone is interested! Nobody seemed interested when I saw it today - and I didn't kill it, I don't like killing rares unless it's for an achievement or I'm trying to farm a specific item.

  3. Rokad is tameable?! Time to see how my poorly dressed Hunter does in Kara, she would love one of those.

  4. I have such bad memories of Fenissa slaughtering my baby Draenei, I hope you killed her!

  5. @TotA - you have to kill everything in the basement and one of the 3 bosses will spawn randomly. There's a bat, spider and plaguehound. I'll be trying for another next week!
    @Erinys - I did kill her but only because I got too close and aggroed >< how does a level 85 toon agro a level 18 mob?

  6. "how does a level 85 toon agro a level 18 mob?"

    Told you, she's evil :( She aggro'd onto my lv 12 shaman from what seemed like miles away.

  7. @Erinys - It's those damn stealthies. Stealthy toons are the death of me.


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