More Hawt Plate

Hawt plate... slut plate... I can't decide which term I think is more amusing.

I've turned into a voyeur.  I feel like someone from Cleo or Cosmo magazine going around taking pictures of fashion on the street!  Everywhere I look I seem to see items of clothing which look really interesting.  And now that I started staring at what other people are wearing, I've seen so many interesting sets!  This guild on my server, The Fallen, seems to be full of fashionistas.

I like this super hero look

I admit I really do like this holy pally look.  I wonder what it would be like on a Tauren.

I was trying to get Leahe with her plate gear but her guildies wanted to be in the pic too.
Their guild must think I'm some kind of psycho.  I've kept their names in the pics so I can actually look at their gear on armory, because I'm not one of those people who looks at gear and goes "Oh, you're using So-and-so Leggings!" (Though I do admit, I did recognise the Witch bead cloth chest on one of those skimpy BE females).  And the guy in the Haliscan asked me if I liked his gear... but I said that's not transmog gear because Haliscan stuff is white!  Wait... I'm starting to know what gear is what... OMG stop wasting BRAIN SPACE Navi!

There is one thing I would like to see, well, sortof want to see.  It's actually one of those things where you can't help but look even though it's so painful to watch - like watching American Pie the movie, where he does such stupid painful things to himself and it's so stupid, but I can't help but keep watching.  OK, oops sidetracked a little, but the thing I want to see is a MALE in slut plate.  I will keep my eye out for that.

So watch out Dath'remar!  Voyeur Navimie is on the prowl looking at YOUR Transmog sets!