Love is in the Air - video

Well I decided to make a video of the "Love is in the Air" World Event, 2012.  Mostly just the dailies and not the achievements (since I had done it in previous years).  I put it to the appropriate John Paul Young song to match the whole theme.  I have to say that doing dailies looks rather lonely!  The main reason I decided to make this video was because I thought it was really cool how the faction leaders bowed and curtseyed to you when you gave them Charm bracelets.  And the problem is that you can't capture someone else doing it, only you can see it.

So, relive the daily grind of Love is in the Air, 2012!


  1. I like it Navi.


  2. Oh, that was wonderful Navi, now I'm all sniffly because it's over. I don't know why I enjoyed so much this year. Thanks!

  3. Your video is really Good gave a me a smile besides a laugh, The song was mostly Ideal ^_^

  4. @TotA - I think it's because we all got a lovebird in the end, that's why it was fun :)
    @Nightyvyxen - TY for visiting, and the nice comments :)

  5. lol that was a true experience =D and yes it's pretty cool the leaders bow to you...luckily the The leader at Thunder Bluff didn't bow too much forward as when I was watching that part I thought, those two large poles are gonna knock Navi out! And...OMG I went for a ride in one of those boats too this year, went the whole way myself lol
    I miss Love is in the air when I can spray random toons with perfume, force them to eat chocolate and farming endless Lovely Charms...ahhh


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