LOL Only the Penitent... continues to elude us

Well it was Firelands night tonight and I sat out because I was late.  I really only wanted gear for my offspec, which was mostly trinkets from Rag and Domo, but then I thought well, I can go do some rare farming insted.  So they got to Domo and it was achievement time again so we thought yay maybe we can finally get our achievement!  It was looking pretty good.  Gley was already sitting at one, Lushnek was sitting at the other, I made it to the next spot, Roshii was headed up to the other one, and Ayelena was heading up to us and almost made it to the orb, and then he didn't sit down fast enough... BOOM.  Bye bye orbs.  Well, we could only laugh, it's been happening every week.  I'm worried that it's my turn next week to stuff it up.

So I left and went back to rare farming.  Didn't have much luck though.

After raid, Sev and I did some arenas.  The first one we got smashed by two stealthy dps (mage and rogue).  The second one was a really great game.  We were battling against a holy pally and enh shaman and that shaman was quite painful.  I felt like I was pumping heals out and we weren't making much of a dent.  But then suddenly the pally was getting low on health - gogogo Sev!  And suddenly Sev DC'd!!  I was like OMG nooooo!  And he was hurrying to log back in and the pally was back to full health and mana and I was struggling to stay alive.  Fortunately as soon as Sev logged in he fear bombed them and we could start again.  I thought we were going to lose that game.  I think the saving grace for that game was that it was in my favourite arena - Blade's Edge.  Stupid shadow wolves chasing me and hitting me, so I jumped off the bridge and they had to waste time running around to get me.  Then I had taken the shaman away - he was busy attacking me and not protecting his healer - and Sev managed to kill the pally off.  The shaman quit after that, and it was a rather satisfying game.

And so I rushed off to get my Season weapon - the first time EVER I had bought the current season weapon (since I had never had the rating before, and they took it away and replaced it with season points accumulated).  I dunno, do you think it looks like one of those torches you dip in oil?  It's different... time to Transmog I think.

The next game was double plate and painful.  The holy pally and the MS warrior were really good - that pally was doing a fair bit of damage as well as healing, and I couldn't keep us up and we didn't make much of a dent in their health either.  Ah well.  Maybe when Shab is on we can do some more 3s.  I'm hoping we could get 5s going one day, or even a rated BG.  Still have to convince Fue to drop raid days down to 3 and then we could do rated BGs on one of the raid days.  After all, rated BGs are a raid, right?? :D