Ironavie - Chapter 2 - 13 is an unlucky number

Ironavie sobbed as she hearthed in shame.

"It just wasn't meant to be, Ironavie," said Guvan, the Priest trainer, with a regretful look on his face.  "Your journey is over."

"No, NO," cried Ironavie vehemently, wiping the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand.  "I was liking this challenge.  I can't believe it's finished just like that."

A soft voice whispered in her head.  "You should just continue on this character with the old Ironman challenge - the one where it was OK to die.  Less stress that way."  Ferricat's gentle voice was a gentle purr, reassuring, comforting.  "I hope it wasn't because I distracted you whilst talking..."

"No, it wasn't," Ironavie reassured Ferricat.  "I was happy to hear from you.  I was excited to be able to chat to you!"

"What happened anyway?"

"Oh, I was trying to kill High Chief Bristlelimb, and I ended up pulling a second mob, and I was trying to get range on it and backed into another mob - too many mobs.  I was thought I was ok and then suddenly my health was 20 and I forgot to use my Gift of the Naaru..."  Ironavie sniffled.  "Oh well."

So poor Ironavie got 5 hours of playtime and only got to level 13.  I have to admire that person who made it to 81 already!
Playing a pure DPS class... my god.  I forgot that I couldn't heal myself, well not much!  It really is so different, when before I could heal myself and run away, and I got carried away because I could actually kill things relatively quickly as a DPS, that I forgot that the tradeoff for that would be poor survivability.

So what should Ironavie do now?  Delete?  Start over?  Continue on in the old Ironman fashion with just levelling in whites and greys?  Before anyone says anything - no I am not going to level her like a normal alt because I don't do normal.  So I guess it boils down to Delete, Start over or Continue.  I look forward to hearing what people think! 


  1. I felt so guilty, I was blagging away from the safety of the Inn and you were out there bravely facing all those mobs.

    You should do whichever makes you happy. The Psyn/Vry Ironman Challenge rules are the same, just allows deaths. It gets challenging after level 60, but if you like scarey things the no-death Ironman sure is scarey!

    Whichever, I'll be here, if Ferricat dies she's continuing old style Ironman and probably will move a lot faster!

  2. @TotA @Euphyley - oh I feel so silly! I was so excited to see the big quest mob I just shot it and thought it would be fine... I might end up doing the old style Ironman and see how far that goes.

  3. RIP! Pick whichever challenge you would prefer to play! No one's looking over your shoulder. And you can always have two toons, one that's allowed to die and one that has to be deleted each time. Since you don't have alts, you should have plenty of character slots, right? :P

    1. @Akabeko - True! I have so many char slots! You're right, maybe I will do a bit of both and see how I go.

  4. Bloody Hell.

    Maybe the Iron Girls can chat about their missteps in wherever Iron Girls go. Only the good die young, so they say.

    Godspeed, Ironavie. Godspeed.

    1. @Matty - Ty Mattie. I was in shock when I died. I mean, it was just a low level toon, I didn't even have time to bond really. But it was still a shock.

  5. So sorry to see Ironavi has fallen. I hate to see bad stuff happen to good Draenei (and good friends!).

    I agree with Matty, we should all compare notes. Speaking of which, I think we need to studying Euphyley's tactics! Ironsteve is leaving us all in the dust!

    I may try again this week - just cuz I am stubborn like that...

    ~ Effy

    1. @Effy - Thank you for your condolences /sniff. I know you understand how I feel!

      The problem with the way Euphy does it is that I have an aversion to killing rares! I just like to look at them and take pics of them - I'm like some kind of WoW greenie or something!


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