Hollow Victories and yes I am ashamed

I logged in today to hear everyone talking about some pally bug.  Where a seal seems to stack a lot and then ret pallies do insane damage.  But it was raid time and I wasn't sure what it was about.

So we went and did our raid and see if it was really happening.  It wasn't happening at first, but suddenly it worked and bang!  All the blobs died.  Ok, so that weird thing bug does working.  But hell, it caused a ton of lag.

So we finished trash and pulled Yor'sahj and the first ooze phase came and that was weird, there were only 3 oozes... oh NO, Fue forgot to set Heroic!!  So we wiped, and off we went to start again.

"Lucky we don't have to clear trash again," said Lushnek, as Fue was about to set to heroic.

Loading screen.  Boom!  And here we are back at the start.  Thanks a lot Lushnek, you spoke to soon and jinxed us!  So back to clearing trash again.

Now we see the thing going off.  All 3 mobs are dying as soon as Fue hits them.  It's craziness.  But it's causing heavy lag.

Now it's time to do the boss.  I was ready to DPS but Fue says, if this bug is going to go off during the fight then we won't need your dps, but we will need your extra heals.  I feel hesitant.  I'm actually going ahead with cheating.  I feel dirty :(

We go ahead, and omg, it's insane.  Fue is caning it.  We had 2 ooze phases and then the 3rd was coming and Fue died from too much agro, and we thought well, we'll just kill the boss and ignore these next oozes.  I rezzed Fue but by the time he was up and running it was almost dead and bang, dead.  Achievement spam.  But I don't feel that happy, I am feeling super anxious.  We might get banned for cheating.

Part of me rages because it's unfair.  If using ret pallies is cheating, how were we going to raid today without our guild leader?  And what if we didn't know about the bug?  Fue knew about it but had not tried it.  If it was Morchok we killed with super pally then I probably wouldn't care so much, since I had done that before.  But because it's a new kill for me I don't feel like I deserved it.  And so all those people who didn't know that there was a bug and went and raided with it... will they get banned?

But, it's done now, I can't take it back.  I don't mind if Blizzard takes away my achievement or the loot from Yor'sahj.  We were so close to killing it on Wednesday that I was sure it was going to die on Thursday.  But I didn't expect it to die like that.

There was a lot of disappointment in us from the other group, as we may get banned.  But does every team who raided and killed something with a ret pally get banned?  The other group stopped raiding because Voe had basketball at 10 so with the server restarts and things to fix the problem they didn't have much time to do much of anything except work on their Hagara strat.

So, say we didn't have that kill and achievement, we probably would have had an amusing evening laughing about Fue's crazy dps.  Bugs are funny like that.  Here is what Blizzard said:
The bug where paladin Seals could sometimes cause excessive damage has been fixed. This bug came as a result of a hotfix we put in to fix an issue where some attacks, such as Scatter Shot, were still causing Vengeance in PvP situations. While these things may seem totally unrelated, it has to do with our proc system, which is an extremely complicated mechanic under the hood. We reverted that hotfix, meaning you may sometimes see Vengeance in PvP. But we don’t think that will present a major balance concern at this time.

To be clear, we have no current plans to take action against players who experienced this bug last night unless we come across any extreme cases. The error was ours and we haven’t seen any evidence -- so far -- of players excessively exploiting the bug. We reserve the right to take action if we do find evidence of players crossing the line to repeatedly exploit this bug for major in-game advantages.
So we won't get banned.  Phew.  Blizzard accepted blame for the error.  Which is what Fue said was going to happen because it's not his fault that it was all buggy and interfered with his normal play.  If it was the opposite and he was nerfed and he was doing half his dps, we would still have played, we wouldn't have left him out, we would have just struggled on.  So it was the same with a buggy accidental buff too.

Az posted this on the guild forums, which I found hilarious:

I expect lots of replies saying how bad I was for cheating.  And I don't blame you.  But I guess it's back to normal now, so on Sunday we can tackle our raiding like we normally do.  And I'll go back and work on my DPS spec.


  1. Navi - Easily one of the best healers in the guild. Yet dpsing on heroic attempts.
    Enna - One of the best healing priests in the guild. Yet dpsing on heroic attempts.

    Hmmm whats wrong with this picture??


  2. @Voe - what can I say? Some people are more easy going than others. I'm dpsing coz I said I can try. Druid heals suck on Yor'sahj anyway ;)

  3. Druid heals are amazing on yorsahj (:
    The way things are atm I will never get to heal with you again navi ): im going to go cry now.

    I miss my navi!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sadvoe ):

    1. @Voe - pray for 25 mans :) then we can heal together again. Oooh I know, I can dps for your group with my horrible dps

  4. To be honest, the first team in my guild stacked 2 pallies and got two new Heroic bosses down. They were thrilled and other guildies were congratulating them. I, however, am just happy that I wasnt on that team. Downing a boss through an exploit is cheating. And I woulda been sitting here today thinking about how i got something that I didnt deserve.

    Blizzard really should roll-back all Heroic achievements earned from this. Cause they were NOT earned. In the end, it's just a game though. Like proving ourselves in here is really gonna mean something in real life. But I do not blame you for going along with it. I didnt speak out against the first team in my guild while they were doing it. And even if I had, i bet I woulda been in the minority. And that makes me sad. How can so many justify it?

    1. @Anon - I hear you and I feel bad but fortunately for my guild it wouldn't affect our guild progress as that boss had already been killed. But I don't feel like I deserved the kill, and I don't even feel like I've killed the boss but my guildies scored some free loot. Well at least you can be in the minority with me :)

  5. I am very pissed off that blizz are doing nothing about this, as it stands those who did the right thing suffer while other guilds get ahead on progress because of a bug.. I'm disgusted

    1. @Anon - I'm not sure what they can do - I think a "rewind" to where the bug first appeared would be ok, but the later and later it gets the less likely they can do that.

  6. Blizz has done the right thing by not penalizing people unless they excessively exploit this bug. I am not sure if there is much Fue can do about it, it is a result of him playing normally i guess.

    Actually if Enna and Navi has to dps instead of heals on that fight, perhaps we should let other dps sub in for this boss only once or twice (once Navi and Enna get all the loot they need off this boss anyway) I am sure the raid wouldnt mind a few extra few K dps. I am sure ppl like Ayelena or Faith (or one of Nok's zillion alts) wouldnt mind seeing a heroic boss for a change rather than seeing LFR versions week in week out.


  7. ahahaha. That screenshot is epic. Payback for all the patches of "TO THE GROUND."

    I didn't get a chance to experience the bug myself, ret is my offspec and I only use it for questing and dailies.

  8. Hey ksret I agree with you on the subbing in and out but you do know there is a Ds run friday nights?? We got ultra down a lot of the players that dont get to do heroic were there (:


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