Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll February 26, 2012

The best read of this week was from Big Bear Butt again - boy can that man write.  This time he wrote WoW is like a... which is a rather unassuming title for such an awesome read.  BBB voiced what I felt about WoW but had never even thought to say - I can't even write it, you have to go read it, what I would summarise about it would not do the article justice.  I love WoW, and I never get sick or bored in it, yet people always ask me why I'm still playing it, why am I not sick of it.  BBB wrote that WoW is like a relationship, a commitment, like a marriage.  And how he is still in love with it, and discovering new things about it even after all these years.  Much like he does with his wife.  And though new shiny things come (ie new games) he may go and look, but it's WoW he comes home to.  And I started thinking how that translates into real life.  People who are attracted by the latest new thing, the latest shiny - do you think that reflects their real life commitments and relationships too?  Does that mean that the sign of a good partner can be told from their WoW habits?  I mean, that is an extrapolation from what he originally wrote about, but when I look at it that way, who are the people in the game that I feel closest to?  It is the ones who love the game, who are fascinated by every aspect of it, who are still in love with it after years.  Probably because I can identify with that feeling, but it just makes you think, and I love those articles which make you think.

Tzufit as usual stuns me with her great and insightful posts - and this week she did a whole series of Cataclysm grading papers.  The Resto Druid one is the one I was most interested in reading, and she has it here.  It is such a good read, all resto druids should have a look at it and take a walk down memory lane (because I found that my Cata memory seems to be short!) and see if they agree or disagree with what Tzu has to say about the whole thing.

Juvenate has done a nice little summary of MoP talents with choices for resto druids, in his post Thoughts on the Updated MoP talent calculator.  It's got pictures, I like pictures.

Last but not least, there are three of my blog buddies that inspired me to do the unthinkable - Effraeti, Tome of the Ancient and Euphyley.  Reading their adventures (Ironeffy, Ironsteve and Ferricat) made me start the Ironman competition, and I will have small stories about my little Ironavie later in the week. Everyone who knows me knows I hate alts, and I hate levelling, so why am I doing this?  You can read why when I make my post later :)


  1. Our company's still here, I sneaked out to do a quick blog check. Tomorrow I'll have to see if Ironavi is leveling!

    1. @TotA - OMG you know what, I just realised I spelt my toon's name wrong! (I just edited the post to correct it) because I tried to search for it and I realised I couldn't find it. It's Ironavie! Oops!


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