Highlights of the week from my blogroll February 19, 2012

JD Kennada from Amateur Azerothian had a great idea for Leatherworkers (JD has been campaigning to make professions a bit better and more fun!) - and that was to make a tent!  That you can cast and get rested in!  That is such a cool idea!  Check out the post here: Pitching a tent.

Gnomeageddon started this crazy 6th Meme thing which brought a whole heap of new blogs to my attention as well as doing my head in trying to make a chart out of it.  But Martha did an even better job and has the WHOLE lot here in a great table which is so cool because I am in there so I even get traffic from her blog!  Here is her awesome chart And the Number of the Counting shall be Six. And then Gnomeageddon did a link back post including mine and Martha's masterpieces (The Devil made me do it), so that was kinda cool.


  1. I know, JD's idea was really great. I would so love a tent for those times when your Hearthstone is on cooldown but you have to log out.

    When I was making my way through the maze of the 6th Meme someone had a great idea for a portable anvil and forge. Now I'll have to start over in the maze to find out who it was!

  2. I know this has nothing to do with this post Navi, but I was also expecting a post on your "only the Penitent" achieve last night???

    Ayelena (who helped as well)

  3. @TotA - Oh I wonder who that was, I never saw that post, let me know who the genius who said that was!
    @Ayelena - done!


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