Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll February 12, 2012

Euphyley from WoW Rare Spawn Guide usually just writes on rare spawns in WoW, and shows locations, abilities and how to tame them as a hunter.  She also puts videos on every rare as well.  Her blog has been such a fabulous read for someone like me who loves rares.  This week she deviated a little to write Pretty in Pink - Loving my Swift Lovebird, a post about the Swift Lovebird, Mazzranache and Mulgore Hatchling complete with picture, and as a Mazzranache fan I can't help but put up this pic of her!

And I thought I was into obscure WoW references! Perculia at Flavour Text wrote about how Your Justice Point Gear is Named after Famous Poetry.  Poetry and obscure WoW references?  I LIKE!  I think it's amazing she picked up so many - some are a bit vague, but hey, what if it was true?  Some developer or writer would be so chuffed that we picked up on the little in-joke!  I got to this link through MMO Melting point's post about Many Things you Didn't Know About WoW, where I was also featured for my post about comic characters in WoW.

And Big Bear Butt once again blows me away with blog posts which such wisdom that is oh so quotable.  In Under the Spell of Dark Lunar Love, he says:
The only true limitations to getting into a Dragon Soul raid are time, skill and a group of friends.
That was higlighted by my friend Matty at WoW Sugar.  But I like this bit the best, when he described how WoW as an MMO.
More accessible. Easy to learn, difficult to master.
Which is probably why I like WoW so much.  Anyone can play, and anyone can enjoy it at whatever level they play at.  Good one Blizz :)
Edit: Oh shit, Matty beat me to that one too.  She actually requoted that last line in a reply to his post.  


  1. Wow! Thanks Navi for putting me in your highlights! =D I looked at the new posts in my dashboard, saw my birdies and got confused for a sec....hehehe.

    Just remember, you can never have TOO much pink. It's just not possible.

  2. @Euphyley - LOL I panicked for a sec thinking OMG Euphy thought I stole her pic! But phew I am sure I did mention it was from your post :) And I did put links! And you're right, never too much pink - I am glad I am not the only person who calls them Flamingos!

    1. Hahahaha! I never thought for a sec you did lol. I've had a little wine this evening and was literally like...huh, what are my flamingos doing there? It was a 5 second moment of confusion, but it passed. =P Thanks again Navi. =D


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