Guildie Guest spot - Souglyy, as scouted by Shift!

Souglyy is our raiding hunter, and has been in Frostwolves since ICC on her druid, before she switched back to her hunter.  I caught up with her and put the hard questions on her so we can all get to know our superstar hunter a little better!

Do you remember when you joined Frostwolves and when?
I do, that was back when we were doing 25 ICC.  I wanted to join on my hunter but the guild was full on DPS so I joined on Baha (resto druid).

And when did you switch to your hunter? Coz that was your main before.
Yeah, My hunter has always been my main until I joined you guys and I joined with Baha, and I switched to Soug in the current expansion.

Obviously you like your hunter more than your druid, yeah?
Yes, my hunter is my very first toon that I ever made.

What do you like best about playing your hunter?
Um, I love the fact that I can have pets and I can have all these exotic pets. My stable now is completely full *laughs*! I have no more room left *giggles*

So who is your favourite pet? You must have a couple of favourites...
I do, my number one favourite would have to be BP coz she is really unique, and you hardly see many hunters with BP, only because you need an Alliance on a certain quest in order to get them, otherwise when you tame them they just go to a normal wolf and don't retain the black tar.

Just to let others know who don't know what BP is, she's your oil covered dog.
Yes, that's my wolf, my oil wolf, which is named BP because of the oil.

And then who else? Think you can name your top 5?
OK, I'd go definitely BP first, and then I'd go Skarr, coz I like her skin and her eyes, and I can use her on my survival spec, even though she's a rare and a hard tame, which normally those ones they put down to beast mastery, you can't use them on your other spec, but I can with Skarr, so I like Skarr. Then my next one that I camped for AGES and AGES and ages, but she's a spirit wolf so I can only use her with my BM spec which I don't have at the moment, so she's in the stables, is Skoll, the blue wolf from Storm Peaks.

You have this thing about dogs! So many wolves!
I do, I do, well see back when we were doing ICC, the wolf was the best pet it gave the best buffs and stuff it was just unreal.

Roshii: Where's your seagull at Baha, you need a Seagull.
Baha: I don't have a seagull!
Navi: Roshii, if you want to stay here you have to not talk, you can type. Here I'll invite Baha to party.
Roshii: OK...

That's 3. 2 more?
I can think of one more, and that's Terropene my turtle.

Oh I love Terropene!
She's my tanking pet.

I haven't even seen it, coz people keep killing it.
Oh really? I camped her for a while too.

People say to me "Oh I've seen Terropene, I killed it, it doesn't drop anything except this shardy thing" and I'm like "What? Aww, don't KILL it."
Yeah, that's really frustrating because a lot of the pets that they brought out now that we can tame as hunters don't drop any loot other than 25g trash item, but people still kill it.

They should drop nothing, so nobody would kill it.

OK so those are your pets, do you have a favourite mount? Wait I know what it is, it's your new one!
Yes, that's my favourite at the moment, that's my Blazing mount (Drops from Deathwing)

And your favourite non combat pet?
Ummm, don't know that I have one really... I have so many...

Not your thing?
No, I just collect them for the achievement *laughs* but I don't really have a favourite.

Are you looking forward to playing Mists of Pandaria, are you going to continue playing then?
Yes, absolutely. I already have my panda name reserved *laughs*

I'm going to ask you a couple of guild questions now. Why did you join OUR guild back in the day?
Um, yes coz at the time I was in Legion of Champions which were a close net guild, the GM I think was an American, and raid times were really, really hard and the guild for whatever reason, I can't remember why, just started falling apart and people were leaving left, right and centre.

That was on this server?

And what do you like about being here?
Um, I've become really close friends with a lot of people. Voe is cheeky *laughs*. Voe is cheeky but we did get off on the wrong foot I guess to start with and we had a really big talk and now it's completely the opposite, he's funny as. Even though he still shits me on vent coz he's so loud and he doesn't be QUIET.. but it's not that bad anymore.

I think everyone thinks Voe is loud.

On the other foot, about this guild there must be things that annoy you, what do you wish you could change about this guild?
Umm... I wish we could some more old content for achievements.

I think that could be arranged, people like that stuff.
Roshii: *whispers* Sunday
Well I guess I sort of .. what was that Sunday?
Roshii: That's what our raid group's doing, we're doing old content heroics.
Yeah we are this Sunday and Monday I think, that would be cool

Yeah that would be cool! I wish we could 20 man it, that would be cool. But anyway... Baha, this is a funny question, say if your partner didn't play WoW, would you make them play WoW? Or would you stop playing WoW because they didn't play WoW?
No. I don't have a partner...

But IF you did.
I GUESS if I did have one, I'd probably con them into playing, I think they'd get to the point they'd get sick of watching me playing so they'd have to join in *laughs* well, I'd hope so! *laughs*

*laughs* OK well this is the tough one! Say your partner does playWoW, but they play like a sack of shit, you know, they play like... Earthwisper...
Roshii: *giggles*
What would you do about that?
Haha! Well I'm quite cheeky so I'd pick on them.

Would you try to disassociate yourself from them or try and make them better?
Aww, yeah I'd try to help them, but I'd make fun of them.

What if they got upset and stopped playing because you kept making fun of them, saying "I hate this game."
No, I don't think it would get to that sort of stage, I don't think. I wouldn't get that bad.

Would you be embarrassed to play with them? Like they were in the raid and you were like OMG that's my husband/partner playing like crap... could you go join another guild please...
*laughs* well, probably if it was in the same raid team as Voe!

*laughter all around*
You're not into pets, so you're not into the whole pet battle system in Mists of Pandaria are you?
No, that's a bit like Pokemon and I never got into Pokemon, it doesn't interest me. I think that's designed around your 15-16 year old boys isn't it?

Are you joking? Do I look like a 15-16 year old boy to you? I'm looking forward to it!
Do you like Pokemon!?

I love Pokemon!
Oh really?? 

I'm so looking forward to pet battles.
Roshii: Baha, I love Pokemon too.
Navi: Yes but you are a 15-16 year old boy Roshii.
Baha: *laughs*
Roshii: What are you talking about!
Navi: Stop talking I told you your voice is too loud, you can type.
Roshii: I'm in my 20s.. Jesus.
Navi: You're only 4 years older than a 16 year old boy.
Roshii: WHAT??
Navi: Stop talking! I'm talking to Baha, you said you would be quiet, I can't hear Baha.
Roshii: You always belittle my age!

Do you have a favourite achievment?
Um, yes, my favourite at the time was killing the Lich King.

Oh yeah, that was a good fight.
That fight was super, super, super intense.

You were healing it then! I remember seeing Baha, the tree in my ICC videos.
Yeah, when I killed it with you guys I was on Baha, that was the first time I killed it on a 25 man. I had the 10 man on Souglyy when we were in Legion of Champions, from memory.

Hang on a sec, Roshii's complaining at me. *types furiously*
Baha: *laughs* really?

Anyway, of all the bosses you've done, do you have a favourite boss or mechanic that you like? I'm talking about your hunter not on your druid.
I really, really like Ultraxion. I love that fight, especially on heroic.

But that's new, that's our latest kill! Are you sure you're not just saying that because we've just killed it?
Aza: Boo!
No I really like that one, um, I dunno, it's because also too I don't have to move it's all just basically standing still.

*Laughs* That's so boring! I have to say I'm a big fan of movement fights as a druid, a healing druid. And I'm trying to tell these guys to be quiet, I'm going to mute them.
So what do you like best about WoW?
I love the raiding. I never used to be, when I first started I just loved the questing and exploring, but now it's raiding and achievements.

Oh, I love achievements! What do you like least about WoW?

Oh and I have to ask about this. We're going to talk about your scouting, tell us all about it.
That was really, really cool! To actually have someone look me out, which I didn't even know people did and for me to have someone find me and look me up made me feel really, really cool! Like, I'm NOT shit! I must be good! *laughs*

Nobody thinks you're shit! For those who don't know what we're talking about, just got to give a bit of background, so who the person was who asked you and where were they from.
Um, it was a toon called Grimreaper, they were from Shift, and they just whispered me last night before our raid, asking me if I was looking at changing guilds as they were looking for a hunter, and he was told by another hunter that I was really good.
(Background: Shift is the number 3 guild on the server, the 2nd ranked horde guild on server.  They are composed of the elite from Conclave, another high ranking guild on the server)
And what did you say to him?
He was trying to twist my arm, and twist my arm and twist my arm, and I said, no...

Oh, oh, how did he twist your arm? Tell me, tell me, did he offer you a new mount?
No, he was just sort of saying that they were 5/8 heroic um, and I'd be straight into their main raid team, and they would never have to sit out *laughs* that I would be in every raid.

And? Oh that sounds just so cool, must have been so exciting. *long pause*
I can't hear you now, because Roshii's... STOP! *laughs* Talking!!

God, tell them to shut up, I can't hear them coz I've muted them all, so they don't interfere in my Vent.
Oh, how do you do that?

Go to Vent, right click them, go to user, and mute.
Ah, OK, I'll do that so I can hear you too. Roshii kept saying "Baha, tell Navi how awesome Roshii is."

*laughs* Roshii's already had an interview, and so has Aza and so has Hwired. Ok, can you hear me?
I can yes.

I was thinking of that Star Trek thing, where Data was tempted by the Borg Queen, like how tempted were you to go?
Aza (typing): Navi that is such a bad reference
Um, I was slightly tempted in the sense that they were 5/8 heroic but in sort of thinking of it, I would sort of miss everyone here too much, and I LOVE the THRILL and feeling of the whole group getting that first kill for the first time, like for example when we did Ultraxion last night, that was just amazing. And to think, to have to go into a guild that had already done 5/8, so really it wouldn't be until the 6th boss, that I would get that feeling again, because I'd go and get the kill for the first time and they would just think "Oh yeah, cool, good on ya," and I'd be like super excited and it would be just wasted on just me.

Yeah it is kind of exciting, that Ultraxion kill for all of us, for our group, we were so excited, we were screaming our heads off. I'm sure you guys were screaming your heads off too.
Oh, we were, there was so much screaming and my hands were shaking, just the full thrill and the rush and yeah, just everything it's so cool. It's WHY we play this game! For that feeling! *laughs*

Yes, that feeling! And also coz we have our teammates and we can all scream and laugh about it together.
Yes absolutely!

Say that someone is playing a new hunter, what is the best tip that you could give them for when they're starting out with their hunter? Some gem of a tip that you wished you knew when you were levelling or something, or raiding.
Oh good grief, I don't know! Best advice I could give I guess, is to make sure you're hit capped, I didn't know about hit cap until I started raiding, and I didn't start raiding until ICC, that was the very first time I'd ever raided, and I didn't know anything about hit cap or anything, and my DPS I was lucky to get like 1500 or something STUPID *laughs*

I have no idea what is good DPS anyway back then, I didn't DPS.
Yeah, so hit cap and forums.

What forums?
I have my bible, and it's um.... oh shit what's it called, hang on...

That's a lousy bible :P
I haven't checked it now for so long... but.... (long pause) Warcraft Hunter's Union. It was brilliant.

Oh! Warcraft Hunter's Union has good pictures!
Their guides are just spot on, they're just brilliant. It really helped me when they took our mana away and gave us focus, I was so mad, I hated it, absolutely hated it. And that site helped me out heaps.

How hard is it to raid with is it 3 kids or 4?
I have 4 but I have 3 at home.

How hard is it to raid with them around?
Um, it's pretty cool, my eldest is 18 so when we start raiding, which is 730pm our time the kids are still up, well the youngest one, is still up for an hour and they're finishing off dinner, the eldest puts the two young ones to bed for me, so that's pretty cool. I'm quite lucky.

So she doesn't go "Mum, I can't believe you're playing World of Warcraft, you're making me do all this mum stuff and you're off playing games, that's what I should be doing, mum!"
No she doesn't, she doesn't, she did play World of Warcraft for a while as well, but it just got too much for her with school and studies and everything, and now she's going to Uni this year and that doesn't start till the end of the month, so I don't think she'll be playing WoW for a while.

You never know, lots of Uni students play WoW. But if she's already left, then she's already left.

So you're family and your kids are really supportive of your WoW playing?
Yes, my son who will be 3 in March, he'll watch me, he'll come sit on my lap and he knows now what buttons to press to go forwards, backwards, turn her left and right and to jump, and if I just logout and don't exit the game, he knows how to login, so you've probably seen my toon running around like a fool in Orgrimmar and it's coz he's got on while I've just jumped off for a second *laughs* and he's running my toon around Orgrimmar.

Oh my daughter does that too, she loves playing.
He loves it.

She loves to sit around, she loves to fly as a druid, she knows how to fall, she knows how to take me out to sea and kill me with fatigue... you know that sort of stuff.
I've come back and I'm just about dying form fatigue coz he's flown me out to sea.

And how many times I've fallen off Thunderbluff... it's really bad on your bank toon, level 1, walks so slow and running around no idea where my body is coz it's fallen off somewhere.
*laughs* but it's funny well when we're raiding, when he's still up, he'll grab the dining chair and come and sit right beside me and when we die, he looks at me and he goes "You Die?" and I say "Yes mate, we died!"

*Laughs* Oh that's so cute! I love hearing these baby stories. He should play with my daughter.
Yeah he will absolutely play when he is older, I know it for sure.

My daughter will too. It's a treat for her, if you finish your dinner you can play World of Warcraft and she shovels her food in so fast.
(Lushnek laughing in the background)
She sits at the computer and she waits and says "Can I play World of Warcraft now?" She even starts it up and puts in the first two letters of my login...
Oh really?

It's funny, I've come in and the login screen is up and she's put the first 2 letters and she sits there waiting for me to type the rest in.
I know I've come around, my computer is in the lounge room but it's sort of quartered off by a wall, and I've come around and Joshie's sitting in my chair on his knees, kneeling, he's got my headphones on, coz he's seen me do it, and he's got his fingers on the right keys to make her move and he's got his hand just positioned on the mouse, he doesn't really click on anything but he just loves to move her around the screen. It just blows me out, he's been doing that for a year so the coordination that he has, to watch and know, that if he wants her to go left, he turns her left, and right, it just blows me away.

It's funny how kids can do that. She likes to sit in the water and say mummy I'm having a bath, and she likes to follow people around.
Yeah, Josh likes to put my toon in the water because he loves water, and as soon as she's in the water he goes "Water! Water, water!"

Anything else you'd like to tell us Baha, that you'd like to share with our readers?
Oh YES, I beat Roshii in DPS that was pretty cool!

That was the highlight of your day? Lucky Roshii is muted he's probably saying something right now.
*Laughs* It was a challenge thing with Roshii.

You got a buff Baha, he would be crying about that. You wait till he gets his Legendaries, you can kiss your number 1 DPS position goodbye. LOL Thanks Baha.
Yep no worries!


  1. Still gets my age wrong! /cry


    1. @Roshii - only coz you're the baby :)

  2. Well this baby is running late for work! awesome breakfast read nav :)


  3. Ergh for some reason it wont let my comment on my phone.

    Anywho i rather enjoyed this guest spot as it had Baha one of the few amazing females ive ever had the pleasure to play with. We seem to have gotten quite a few female talents within this guild

    We love you baha, so stoked youre in my raid group :D


    Ps dont worry navi, i still love you as well.. But Enna and Baha put up with me each week so they need a shout out as well :D

    ALSO.... WHEN DO I GET A GUILDIE GUESS SPOT!?!?!?! clearly im not cool enough yet ? :P

  4. I don't think Navi has enough hard drive space to record you Voe.


    1. Nav's HDD?? Think about the internet!!

  5. @Voe - I told you to write something for me! You wrote me a poem and that was a half guildie guest spot. I tend to interview people who are not that vocal and need encouragement to come out of their shell... I don't think you fit that bill Voe! Hence why I've been nagging you to write something for me... and that's ok, you need to give lots of love to your female team mates since they are the ones who have to put up with you /nod
    @Hwired - this is true. I laughed when I read this.
    @HK - LOL

  6. I hate you all



  7. @Voe /pat

    You just need to let your creative juices flow Voe. It's not that hard and you've shown you've got talent with your poem.

    Here's a thought Voe, do an interview with yourself. pose yourself a bunch of questions and answer them.

    I did something like that for D&D where the party ran into a mad NPC with 2 personalities. One personality would ask the questions but the answers had to come from the other personality. The PCs had to ask the questioning personality to relay the question to the other. Took them a bit to get used to, but it was harder on me, doing two different voices at the time so they knew who was talking. A lot of fun though.



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