Guildie Guest Spot - Edgar Allen Voe

Voe  wrote me a spontanous poem the other day.  Since Sev wouldn't write down his awesome song I am putting Voe's poem here for everyone to look at, unedited.

Feeling creative i started to type
Not a clue what say, about what boss or what fight
But navi insisted i give it a go
To bring out the inner me, thats right Damn Voe
I may be loud, obnoxious and a little bit rude
You can always point the finger and blame Mr Fue
One day in Orgs i see a guild ad
I whisper and ask “would you like a shaman that isn’t bad?”
With a word or two i receive and invite
With Navi whispering me, i get cast into the light
After a raid or two I seem to be fitting in
And poor old Targetme got thrown into the bin
Many months later ive found a place i can call home
Waiting for 8.30 my lips start to Foam
For heroics is fun and painful at best
We wont give up and lay back and rest!
Group 1 and group 2 who really gives a shit?
Just ask navi who replies to everyones fits
For now this will do as im running out of things to say
Now let us kill ultra as soon as can be
hopefuly bish will turn up this time
fingers and toes crossed we hope it's not a far cry


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