Face to Face with the 2 bloggers from Labyrinth of Lost Souls

Gnomeageddon's thing made me do something I hadn't done before - and that was log onto another server where I had a low level alt already to talk to another blogger.

Voros tweeted me a few days ago, after I'd made a comment to Gnomeageddon about being Aussie, to say he and Glow were both Aussie. It took me a little while to realise that not only were he and Glow BOTH Aussie, and BOTH blogging, they were BOTH in the same guild!  So when Glow made a stray comment to me that she had no horde toons on Dath, I thought I'd go see if they were there on Saurfang.

I logged in a few times at night, and /who Labyrinth and nobody would be online.  Then tonight, when I logged on, there was one person online and I asked them if Glow had been on.  She had logged, he said.  So I was getting on Twitter to tell Cymre something, and I saw Glow had tweeted about her sexy new Blazing Drake.  So I tweeted her back:

So I got to meet Glow and Voros!  I was fan struck!  Glow of course looks just like her pictures, and I think that the whole T13 looks heaps nicer on a night elf than on a tauren.  Voros seemed amused that Glow was famous, and I wonder why it is that males seem to take such nice pics (well, Fannon is the only other one I'm thinking of really).  So being the dork that I am I had to take a pic with them.

Even Roshii came along to see what I was up to.  He was astounded.  "You actually talk to other bloggers in game?"  That comment reminded me of this conversation he had with his mother that made me laugh so hard:

Roshii: "I'm meeting up with some of my friends from the game."
Roshii's Mum: "Oh, but they're not real people are they?  They're just computer people?" 
Roshii:  "No, mum, they're real people.  Real people play the game."
Roshii's Mum: "How do you meet computer people when they're in the computer?  You mean you talk to them in the computer?"
Roshii:  "No, people play these other people in game, and I'm going to go catch up with them."
Roshii's Mum:  "I don't understand how you can meet people who aren't real."
Roshii:  /sigh "Never mind, mum!"

So he came along to see who I was talking about.  And I said Glow is the one with that awesome Baleroc strat that we used, that was recommended to me by my friend Cavendar (who was also in game at the time and I said to him "OMG guess who I'm talking to, I'm talking to GLOW whose Baleroc strat you made me read").  So I chatted to them for a little while and then it was rather late so we all said farewell, and they both said they would say hi on Dath.

Why does everyone have to be alliance?  I'll never get to try and play with bloggers in some sort of fun raid/twitterland thing since I'm the opposing faction...


  1. Haha, that's a funny Roshii convo. Nice to see you met up with some people on Twitter. I think that twitter raiding thing thing is looking for more Hordies though

  2. Great memory Nav lol. - Rosh

  3. Hahaha that's an awesome conversation. I'm lucky that my mum is an internet nerd and has flown all over the world to meet up with online friends, so she 'gets it'.

    Anyway - it was great to meet you both, and I'm going to faction transfer my Dath priest... TAUREN PRIESTS! I love tauren so much haha.

    And it's not Glow's Baleroc strat! /slap! It's strat, you'll so get me gkicked, Voros is an officer :(

    <3 thanks for the laughs - and prepare to be stalked by a tauren priest in the near future.

  4. And Erg, I put brackets around our guild name so it got bumped out. It's LoLS strat! *mumble*

  5. My Scratch project of alts on a different server is also on Saurfang, Alliance side :) ... I'll friend you all and maybe add another Aussie blogger to the mix ;) ... But seeing as we will need pics, I might as well tell you that Sagiton / Sagitas / Sagitol / Sagit / Sagiti are all me, and I am spending a fair amount of time on there levelling my not so little pally! Do say hi!

    1. When I start new alts, I do it in style ROTFL.

  6. Funny you should say all the bloggers are Alli.... it felt to me when I first started reading blogs that everyone's Horde (except me, of course)!

  7. @Cymre - I went to twitterland raiding and it was all alliance still...
    @Roshii - I think that was an epic statement by your mum!
    @Glow - It's on your blog, therefore it's Glow's Baleroc strat! I mean you speak for the guild right?? I'm sure your officers in LoLS (BTW that abbreviation is too cool - did they do that on purpose?) must think it must be awesome that people on the interwebs go and follow their strats!
    @Saunder - I will look for you but geez, could how am I going to friend ALL those toons there?
    @Shoryl - LOL to me you're part of the majority! So many alli!

  8. It was great to catch up! I fired up my Hunter on Dath - Bainato, and sent you a mail :)

    We don't mind Glow stealing our strats as her own :P She works hard to best understand the fights and contributes pretty heavily to how we do things, so they are hers as well!

    1. @Voros - I feel a bit silly now, because I only ever looked at your blog to read your strats, and now I find all these purty piccies to ogle! I will have to go check my game mail! :)

  9. @Voros You are going to get me into trouble! I always say it's our guild strat not mine :( SO not talking to you now! <3


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