Easter Egg in Dalaran - Cobbler cobbler mend my shoe...

Now how is this for funny things to discover when you're wandering around looking for NPCs in game named after stuff?

I was busy working on my NPCs in WoW - Designers and Department stores post, when I came across this fellow, Sheddle Glossgleam, who sells justice points boots.

If you sit in this chair he will come over to you, and kneel in front of you and polish your shoes!

And he obviously likes R.E.M.

"shiny happy people holding hands... shiny happy people holding hands"

And you get this buff - Shiny Shoes!  It lasts for one hour but it goes away once you get into combat and someone hits you.

It's hard to see it here but can you see that sparkle on my right hoof?  Your feet do get a bit of a shine.  Now I'm not sure what it looks like if you actually HAVE shoes.  But how's that for a little fun stuff on the side.  Got to love Blizzard and these cute Easter eggs you find out of the blue.  Dalaran truly is an awesome place :)


  1. Shine your hooves??? :P


  2. And then you could use the toothpicks and have shiny teeth as well!

  3. I love him! My Warlock's leveling through Wrath and her hearth's set to Dalaran. I'm not getting much leveling done as I run around Dalaran getting shoe shines and looking for Underbelly Elixir while eating Red Velvet Cupcakes. Must get back to business!

  4. Oops! That was me up there. Thought I'd see if I can comment this way so I don't have to remember to sign it!

  5. @Cymre - I bet it looks better on BE shoes than Tauren hooves!
    @Roshii - shiny hoof! I should roll a toon with that name.
    @Mabaho - lol I wish there was a title I could run around with with shiny shoes and teeth saying "Sparkly Navimie"
    @TotA - Dalaran is truly an awesome place. I miss it so much! Thank god for things like Kirin Tor rings so I can go there whenever I feel like it.

  6. How cute is that? Most people don’t notice things like this, but I really think the little things are what make this game so completely engrossing. You can escape to this world because it feels real; it feels like it exists somewhere! I kinda miss stuff like this in Orgrimmar. Dalaran was really well done in terms of pop culture references and easter eggs like this one. :)

    1. @Lilpeanut - I agree, I love Dalaran!


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