Blogger you bugger, and other dumb things I did today

I noticed recently that Blogger changed their word verification thing and of course I don't notice it on my own blog but I certainly notice it on other's.  In fact it's gotten so bad lately that I have been tempted not to leave comments because I can't get the words right.

So I decided that I might be losing comments that way, and so I've decided to brave the spam and take out the word verification thing.  So hopefully my friends can comment more easily now.

Another thing bugging me is the pingbacks.  I noticed in Wordpress that there are all these cool pingbacks to posts, where people linking to your post shows up at the bottom of your post.  I really would like to see that on my blog.  But when I ticked the little box that says show pingbacks, I don't get anything.  I worked out that it's because I am using a custom template, and if I had the standard templte, you would be able to see the pingbacks.  There are even instructions on how to insert the html stuff to put in there, but it's too hard for me, and I can't find the places it says you have to put it... The solution would be to revert to a standard template.  Ugh.  I guess I could see if that works.  But I'm reluctant to do anything drastic because I am happy with the way the blog looks now.  If it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

And my dumb thing for the day.  Hwired and Roshii were telling me I should make money.  I don't make money with the AH, I do dailies and quests and raid and all my money seems to keep me quite comfortable.  It's not a lot, but it's not little either.  So they told me to try selling enchants and stuff, which I don't like doing because I'm a bit of a hoarder, and I keep everything "just in case".  So I thought I'd venture out and sell a Power Torrent enchant.  Which sold.  So that was nice.  Roshii said he made money selling his epic gems, the ones he doesn't need.  Ok, I thought, I can do that.  So I got my Elven Peridot which I got the other day and put it on the AH.

I looked in my mailbox and it had sold.  Yay!  So I went to collect it... hm, the price that it sold for was... missing a 0.  Navi, you noob.  I think I just sold an epic gem for 100g instead of 1000g.  Doh.  Well, the good thing is that the gem cost my nothing anyway, so it's not like I LOST money.  And more gems will come.  But boy do I feel silly.  The person who bought my gem must think what a bargain!  What an idiot selling it for so little - maybe they're a gold farmer.


  1. Navi, you are not the first and certainly won't be the last to do stuff like that on AH. I play the AH game and have at times done exactly that. Not so much now, since I switched to Auction Master addon.


  2. Indeed, you'll not be the last by any stretch.

    That's absurd that the standard template allows it, but custom requires more work. But at the same time, I'm glad to hear it was something the site did and not the rest of us, as it were.

  3. Navi, I can't count the times I've forgotten a 0, or worse wasn't paying attention and sold a stack of twenty for the price of one :( To cheer myself up I decided that someone who was really broke bought them!

    Yay! Comment freedom! No stupid unreadable captcha!

  4. "I looked in my mailbox and it had sold. Yay! So I went to collect it... hm, the price that it sold for was... missing a 0"

    This is why my husband is in charge of our auction housing. I'm terrible with numbers.

    Have to say I don't like the captchas either, half the time I'd swear I got it right but it's like "nope wrong lol" (yes I imagine it laughs at me).

  5. I am so happy, I'm hoping you guys commented more because the captcha is gone!

    @Ayelena - Auction master addon? Too hard for me, I hardly use the AH anyway so after that lousy venture I doubt I'll be doing so again
    @JD - I wish I was smarter so I could put it on
    @TotA - I thought to myself well, at least I made 100g!
    @Erinys - well let's hope I don't do that again! And I wish I never saw another captcha again!

  6. Auctioneer navi, i use it. Easy and simple to use, makes life easy.

    With all the work/research/2nd job, i wish i had time to play ah


    1. @Ksret - I used to use that but I am so lazy updating any addons that I've decided I will only ever have 6 addons on. And at the moment that's healbot, power auras, dbm, skada, silverdragon and npcscan.

    2. Honestly, AuctionLite. It's called Lite rather aptly, as it offers the bare necessities of what you need. Having said that, I've still missed a zero on occasion (most recently as it related to the topic of today's post on AA).


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