Aza's hawt plate

Aza's paladin is so pretty. He said this isn't slut plate, but I think it does look rather nice.  Blood elf girls always look good in sexy mog sets :)  And I do love that headband :)  So for a plate mog, this is pretty sweet.


  1. Oh my! This does look good. Everything from the headband to the weapon. Definitely not slut plate, but totally sexy plate!

  2. That's incredibly well done. The teal works incredibly well.

  3. I'm sure Aza would love to hear everyone loved his transmog set :)

  4. Great Set :)

    oh, could take that differently lol

  5. Can this be an entry for:


    1. @Matty - it's not my mog but I am sure I can get Aza to get some sexy dresses for his bikini and evening gown shot :) He would think it was cool!

  6. Tell him you want a 10% finders-fee and 20% of gross.

  7. Gosh I don't know if I have time to get him dressed up for the Azeroth's next plate model!


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