A week of gift making

Phew!  It's been one week since I made that birthday post, and I have been busy all week making the 3 Ps - Puzzles, Poems and Pictures.  Fortunately work hasn't been too hectic because I did a lot of research and writing at work.  But it's been so much fun, I feel like I've really used my brain this week!  And that must be a good thing right?

I have had lots of people asking me what the other things I made were, so I made this post so that it can be perused - it will be updated regularly as I finish each one.  Links to the posts for those people who published theirs will be put here too.

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There once was this cute blood elf warlock
Who'd run and tank crystals on Mor'chok
One time (s)he went solo
We cried "Ayelena, oh no!"
So poor Aye got all squished like a Murloc.

I miss the good old days when we
Would heal together tree by tree
Though now your hunter's just as good
It just don't feel like what it should.

I heard your voice on vent one day
It really took my breath away
So deep! So grown! Was that my Flex?
Since when did he sound like the sex??

I hope one day we can raid again
Just like old times, you remember when!
I thank you for all your kind support
When reading my Daily guild report :)

Our guild has this shaman called Voe
He's so loud and so bold as you know.
He says please can we have
A McFeast please, McNav!
I can't refuse coz he makes me laugh so!
My friend Shab is an awesome mage
He's good at frost when fire's the rage
He smart! He's got a Ph.D
And he also loves to PVP.

I've known him for so many years
He's well respected by all of his peers
He confused me when he came to Dath,
His changed his name from Broth, in Wrath.

By six degrees of separations
I work with one of his relations
In real life he's good friends with Gley
We met over Enna's birthday.

We're in the same Arena teams
And he puts up with my angry screams
I'm glad we share the need to beat
Alliance - victory's oh so sweet!

You may not find a sweeter soul
Than Faith our shadow priest.
Near any ledge or lift or hole
she's not safe, not in the least.

Is it a gift? Or is it lag?
It often makes us wonder.
Lich King, SSC, Nax, Rag,
At each she's had a blunder.

She's the only guildie who's "Insane"
A real fantastic feat
She can't do Maly, it hurts her brain,
The spinning room is her defeat.

She came and at Tout's house she stayed
She was shy but soon warmed up
She has a blog about stuff she's made
She wrote a book about a dragon pup.

Thank you Faith for your support
It means a lot to me
She really is an amazing sport
A most well loved real Frostie.

Let me tell you about this rogue in our guild
He came as there was a raid spot to be filled
He quietly snuck up the DPS chart
And turned all his stab-stab into masterful art

I don't quite remember when he first came to notice
He was a really sharp player, always in focus
Perhaps it was Xyn who said he's a cool guy
He was there for our Nef goes, try after try.

So one day we talked, and soon we were friends
We talked about things that drive us 'round bends
We talked about achievements and about things which are rare
Even some whining about people we'd share

What is it about him? His enthusiasm?
His genuine nice streak that's broad as a chasm?
Or maybe because he feels part of the bunch
Our friendship was stronger after we met over lunch.

I like how he reads my blog every day
I like how he comments on things that I say
I'm so glad we're friends, I don't know what I'd do
Who'd talk WoW with me if I didn't have you?
An amazing tank is our Hwired
Of his raids I don't ever get tired
With his calm level voice
You really don't have a choice
To fight on, battle hard, be inspired.

There's much more to him than his games
He cooks and he's good so he claims
He now lives on his own
With a beard fully grown
Surprised he's not fighting off dames... :P 

(under construction)


  1. You are too sweet! I wish I had thought of something so creative on my blogiversary >_>;;; I'm so excited to see what you come up with :>

  2. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. @redcow - it's coming Aka! Just need more chocolate to get some creative inspiration going.
    @fleckso - I wasn't sure if u got my email :) but at least you can see it here <3

  4. I'll try my best to link your present up tomorrow! I have the day off, but new PC is coming so it's all up in the air ^.^

  5. Thank you so much Navi! I'm eager to share my present with everyone. It's going up soon :)

  6. ty Navi, amazing poem <3

    -Roshii ^.^

  7. @Aralosseien - no hurry! I'll link it up when it's ready. Ooh new PC yay!
    @Lilpeanut - Thanks for posting it up :) I'm glad you like it.
    @Roshii - You know I did this for you :P

  8. Nice to see the other ones from non-bloggers.
    Great effort Nav :)

  9. navimie

    quietly she sits behind the computer screen
    Wait thats enna on the other healing team
    Our navi is loud and always in charge
    Unlike myself who is more of a barge

    She is kind and sweet wouldnt change her for the world...
    Thats right its navi and yes she is a girl
    For all that say females cant play
    You havent met our navi, who could serve you your fate

    This may be cheesy and a little crude
    But this peoms for you... So dont be a prude
    We love yah lots hope our future is bright
    by you I stand healing like mad
    But its ok ill do it any night (:

    love you navi<3


  10. @Cymre - Thanks for the compliment :)
    @Voe - Awww! <3 Thank you!!! I feel special!!!!

  11. aww Thank you Navi,

    That poem sums me up real well =D
    your the best (hugs)

  12. Brilliant as always Navi! Thanks for the kind words and not mentioning my timewarping incident :P

  13. @Faith - :) I'm glad you like it
    @Shabadu - Glad you approve Shab :) LOL you know I was thinking about it... :)


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