Wednesday raiding - OUCH!

Blizzard decided to do a shutdown on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  Bleh.  Something to do with a huge bug in the patch so they had to fix that up and put the patch out a day later.

Was a little late logging on, so I logged in to see 8 people in my raid, missing 2.  Missing Sev and Shabadu.  Nok was coming in on his healer to be the 4th healer.  I rang Sev and he wanted to have a break if we weren't raiding, but he graciously offered to come just to keep me company.  Awwww.

So the other group 1 shot H Morchok and then went on to Yor'sahj and nearly got it down.  My group, unfortunately was struggling on Morchok still.

It was a bad start to the night.  I had tells from the other group saying they wanted the Souglyy and Fallnapart back, and I was like but this is what the groups were like before!  The reason things were changed around a bit last week was because my group didn't have anyone who could heal as an offspec.  So we couldn't swap Shab for Lushnek, we had to give them Souglyy, which made us lose our crit buff, and so we swapped Moo for Falln so we could have our crit buff back.  We ended up with no bloodlust in my group, so we struggled at the end, we had one close wipe but after that it just went poorly.

Souglyy said it was a different strat to what she did with Hwired, and it was hard to have to learn it all again.  Falln said the same thing.  I am not sure what was different this time.  Augment still died the same as he did last time.  I died a few times too.  Falln died a few times - boy does that stomp hurt!  What I really wish is that I had a 25 yard radius thing around myself so I could position myself at the right distance.

Anyway, it was server shutdown and that was the end of that.

I was on Vent after and listening and participating in chatter.  Voe asked me what was wrong with my Morchok today, and to tell you the truth, I don't know.  I didn't have logs and my Skada wasn't working so I couldn't even see what my own heals were like.  I am sure people were disappointed in how my group turned out, but I am not sure how to make it better.  Hwired said that the crystals always spawn in the same spot, which is really useful to know, since he seemed to say they were always uphill on the Morchok side and downhill on the other side.  I never noticed that, it just annoys me when the crystals spawn on opposite sides!  But running to the crystal often freaks me out if I'm far away.

The discussion in vent because quite animated, Voe was loudly saying one group is the shit group and one is the good group, which is annoying to me because I am in the "shit" group.  Sev is there too.  We are both good players.  Gutsy is good as well.    The groups SHOULD be the same.  They are both balanced.  People shouldn't be complaining one group is better than another.  I actually prefer that I am in the not so good group so I don't have to listen to people complaining if they are put in the "shit" group, but it really strains me when people complain about where they deserve to be.  Should officers automatically be put into the better group?  Should better players?  How about long standing attendance, guild loyalty, do those things count?  Roshii said to me he hasn't complained, but of course he won't, he's on the next part of his quest (oh which reminds me I need to write about that!).  Hwired even added his voice to support me in saying there is NO difference between the groups and people should not be saying one group is better than the other.  But I think those who have switched between the two groups can agree on this - the strategies between the two groups are very different.  Which is why when you move between groups it feels like you are starting all over again.  What they need is a bit of homogenicity.  Is that a word?  So perhaps what we may have to look at is making the strategies the SAME between the two groups so that it doesn't feel like you're moving into a different world when moving from one group to another.  The solution that I think would work is if Hwired and Fue tanked together so that Hwired can show Fue what he does so that everyone can play on the same page.  Maybe that will happen.  I might bring it up in officer forums.  But for now, I will have to sit there and eat some chocolate to help ease the omg-will-you-not-complain-when-you-have-nothing-to-complain-about!!

Roshii made me laugh.  He said "Voe you do 50% healing, and 50% blabber!"  I don't think Voe was impressed.  He said he would not talk tomorrow.  I'll see how long that lasts.  Oh, and mucking around with our voice settings on our headsets also made me laugh.  4 of us have one of those Logitech headsets that you can change your voice with.

You see, I told you this heroic thing was more trouble.  Life was so simple when we just did normals and babied our not so good players.  Was a bit less challenging though, healing wise.  Lost a few good players that way too.  But now I have the challenge of healing as well as dealing with the drama that sorting and balancing groups takes.


  1. Are you sure you weren't at my job yesterday? You sure????!?!?!

  2. I still find it funny how people in the "good" group comment and say the groups are balanced. If this was true progression would be equal and we would have 20 happy raiders. Instead we have unhappy people pointing the blame saying its such and such fault etc. Sad thing I speak my mind and the truth and even the good players (roshii and whoever else) get upset with my comments. I wont change I dont see why I should? If im that bad then g boot me haha?? All in all something needs to happen for both groups to succeed. Till then im going to stick with my 50% healing and 50% blabber and for those who dont like it, mute and ignore me. Love yahs lots


  3. Did my comment upset you voe? :P


  4. I guess the problem being that you don't have 20 players of the same quality. And when you have "some" people believing that they are better then everyone else. And yes that will cause some players to stop caring or quit. And yes in most guilds there will be "profiling" of players and there skills. And most guilds just look this over. Some guild also overlook allowing some guild members to name call and dis-respect other players. But hey that just shows the mentally of that person.

    Balance is a great idea but one that can not be done. Look at Blizz for the best example for that. As much as you would like this to happen it wont. And the more you try the more it gets broke.

    On as for mute/ignore......yea did that

    but all in all this is a game and the purpose of a game is to have fun and well I try to have fun while playing.

  5. @Matty - Hm. I might have been. Did you look carefully at the pot plant in the corner? That might have been me.
    @Voe - Voeie you know you have to take what you dish sometimes :P
    @Anonymous - it is human nature, and difficult to change some aspects. Everyone has their faults and their strong points. It is up to us to be able to make the best of the good and deal with the bad.

  6. I think everyone in those two groups should "NEVER" complain. Be thankful you are raiding. Whining in guild chat that you are bored on one boss is disrespectful to those who are not in those two groups. Set an example.

    1. agreed you are in a raiding spot and so you should set an example and not one of "HA HA HA HA" im better then you guys it should be one of work towards this.

  7. Roshii, you could never upset me (:


  8. Heroics of anything require a whole new level of thinking and cooperation that I think most people will do, but there is also the learning required to get that cooperation. People who complain about one thing or the other never look at themselves and complain. which until they do, I won't listen to them. I know I'm not a great player and if I do get subbed into a heroic team I will give it my all, as should all the others. I will listen to all my peers and take comments on how I should improve, not as a slight against me. But in providing that feedback the comments should be respectful, not demeaning. I hope one day to make our guilds elite team, but I'm not going to be upset if I don't, as I like the people in the guild anyway and they're all my friends. For those that complain, please examine yourself first and be 100% certain that you did not contribute to a failure.



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