Wednesday raiding - Heroic Mor'chok down on 10 man!

Here's a riddle for you : What is worse then a raid that doesn't happen because someone had to leave?

Answer:  The person leaving was YOURSELF, and you had to go to work because on call and stay there until some god-forsaken hour... 

This is the crap that happens during holidays and slow down periods.  My nice organised life gets all mucked up because my on call is moved to days I don't normally do on call.  I normally do on call on Tuesday and Friday... why you ask?  Because they're NON RAID days!

Oops, enough whinging about my work life ruining my World of Warcraft raiding life.  I'm supposed to be talking abotu Heroic Mor'chok!

We had our 2 heroic groups made up.  It was unfortunate because Bish was relogging and he had been invited into the raid, but was offline.  Targetme was on and replaced Bish so poor Bish had to sit out.  Was not happy about that, and I felt bad about it too.  I should have remembered I was on call and then it would have worked out and he could have raided.


The other group had a really good run on Mor'chok!  They did it with 3 healers (Voe + Bladewind + Beauti) and Hwired + Belinia tanking, with Az + Lushnek + Moopie + Barkhoof + Roshii DPSing.  I think their first go they got it to 28% or something!  So they switched to 4 healers and then got it down.  Everyone in that group told me that it was a lot easier than they thought, and I was so pleased!  The only thing that I heard about the raid was that Aza died a lot.  Lushnek was the 4th healer.

We only had one go on Mor'chok before I was called away.  And I stuffed that one up by trying to tank crystals AND the stomp.  So our one attempt didn't last long.

My group had Fue + Ent tanking, Me + Gutsy + Targetme healing, Sev + Falln + Augment + Souglyy + Shabadu DPSing.

So hopefully tonight I'll get to see what it's all about.  I am not hugely optimistic about it, but I look forward to it all the same.  I watched MissPewPew's Heroic Mor'chok video last Monday, and it was really helpful to me, especially since it's druid POV.  So see how we go tonight.

So guys... where are the kill pics?  Or achievement pics???  Geez, does nobody take pics around here?  Grats on the kill!  Frostwolves are now 1/8 Heroic DS!  Woooo!

Edit:  Ok here's the kill pic!


  1. Fingers crossed for tonight, Fue's account got banned today, but with some luck its back up again by tonight. They say he was selling gold basically, but was him mailing gold to a guildie for a loan :(


  2. oh and someone got a pic im sure, we lined up and everything :P

  3. pity Bish logged otherwise he would have subbed in


  4. Guess I have better level my Shaman as Enhancement/Restoration & then apply to FW on Dath'remar. The Tauren's name is Dracowindo & just been playing with lighting barely. My Blue team characters have been taking up more time lately. My Balance/Restoration Druid is getting ready to finally start raiding regular DS with our guilds third solid raid group. It is a late night raid group, so when I get off, perhaps the time difference will allow me to run my Shaman more.

    Looking forward to sharing how DS reg goes soon.

  5. @Draccus - lol Draccus, our recruiting is closed, but you can always come and join as a social.

  6. @Ksret - Yeah that was bummy =/


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