Wednesday raiding - 25 mans but still no Ultraxion

It was the big raid day yesterday, where we were doing 25 mans to see how we were going to split up the 2 heroic teams.  Healers and tanks weren't generally the problem, but it was DPS who had to be chosen.  I was feeling really optimistic too!  We had nice kills for the first 4 bosses, and I was hoping we could do Ultraxion.  Zon'ozz was a bit messy.  But we 6 healed it with no issues.

I was wrong.

We were so close.  We were just over a million health left when we died.  We were close a few times.  But people were dying.  Tanks and DPS.  The good thing was, that none of the healers died.  So it was clearly a button clicking issue, and probably related to that twilight thing that everyone else seems to get but healers don't.  It's probably just as well healers don't get it because I am sure we would die too.  Moo seemed to die a lot too, no doubt from the other twilight thing coinciding with the Hour of Twilight.

I was a noob and died to ice spikes on Hagara.  That was embarrassing.

Voe, Gutsy and I were being show offs trying to outheal each other.  We were doing silly things like using our CDs to pad the meters and were really vocal about it.  Spirit link, tranquility and Divine Hymn were being thrown around to get ourselves up the charts, and we just had a good laugh about it.  I scoffed at the other two for using CDs using trash, and of course got paid out in return when I would ALWAYS finish a fight with a tranquility.  My excuse was that it makes the video look good with all the tranquiility effects going off.  Bish has really found his niche with holy and was doing good heals again.  Voe was really loud as usual, and offended Targetme who got off vent, which was probably best so he wouldn't have to listen anymore.  Lots of pretty loots dropped and were taken by people which was really great for my flagging negative DKP.

Tonight we'll be back to 10s.  Those who didn't make it into heroic groups will be able to do normal 10s on Fridays and Saturdays, so it's not like they can't raid at all.

One good thing, was that doing 25s meant that I could get some decent FRAPS of 25 mans.  However, I forgot to do a Hagara kill.  Probably was thrown off by the fact that I died =/

Looking forward to raiding tonight.


  1. Hmm lost for words but not emotions

  2. Navie
    only if u looked at the damage meters on Yor'sahj and Hagara rather than when we wiped on Ultraxon. I had horrible run with very few prcos that time when you looked lol... nature of fire spec


  3. @Targetme - that's ok :) Ty for dropping by
    @Ksret - Not me looking at meters! It's Fue :) I'm only interested in healer raid awareness and I was happy all my healers were great :)


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