Wednesday raiding - 2 Heroic Morchoks down

We reshuffled the groups again yesterday, and my group spent most of the night bashing at Morchok.  The other group already had quite a few of them kill it already, so they just had to teach a few who were in my group last week to do it.  But we had to mix up the groups a little because Bladewind wasn't around.  And I was happy because Bish turned up!  Was worried about that honestly, but it worked out well.  And also, Barkhoof and Beauti won't be on Sunday, so they had to be in a group together so they could easily be replaced.

And then we had to balance.  So now came the hard part of group splitting.
  • Gutsy and Bish are both holy.  Shouldn't put them in the same group
  • Needed someone who could offspec heal for both groups.  So Lushnek was brought into my group to offspec heal, and Bel or Barkhoof was offspec healing for the other group.  Might have been Barkhoof.
  • So we swapped Lushnek with Shabadu.  No you can't do that because now is no bloodlust in one group
  • So Lushnek was swapped with Souglyy.  Now the melee don't have their crit buff.
  • Aha!  Solution!  Swap Moopie with Fallnapart so Moopie can bring the fury buff and Souglyy can give the other group her buff.
  • So Bladewind can go into Beauti's spot for Sunday, so they will still have 3 healers, and there will be one DPS spot open which can be backfilled with someone if they do normals.
So this week, I had:
Fue + Ent tanking, Navi + Gutsy + Bloodzta healing, Shab + Sev + Lushnek + Moopie + Augment DPSing

Now I am not sure what was happening with Augment but boy was he dying lots!   I am sure he was getting stressed about it because all of us were saying use Feint more, it's got a CD of 10 seconds so you should be able to avoid all that stuff, don't mix up the two stomps etc.  But  after 17 goes at it we got it.  Phew.  I would probably say that it took me 4 goes before I figured out EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing, but now I do!  You see, I didn't quite realise that it was a 25 yard thing for the stomp for some reason I thought we all had to be super close, which was one thing.  The second thing is that there are COLOURS on the red crystal about how close you are!  And here I thought yellow lines was the only colour!  I didn't realise that the closer you get the less damage you take when it blows up (I just thought it blew up and damaged the people who had lines, but we had to stand together for ease of healing - heh heh oops!), so the lines turn BLUE when you're really close which means you take less damage.  Once I knew that I was like... OOOOH no wonder sometimes it hurts more than other times!  And another thing, we seemed to go SOOOO far away from the other group, and it was bad because when we bloodlusted one group didn't get it because they were too far away.

Healing wise it took me and Blood a little while to get our act together about who healed what.  I mean with 5 people to heal you think it wouldn't be that bad right?  First couple of times Moo died from not being topped up enough for stomps.  Then we had tanks dying, healers dying, all sorts of shmozzles.  So I said to Blood, you heal the plate and I'll do the ranged.  While we ran to crystals, tanks died, probably because I was busy topping the ranged up in preparation for the big bang.  So Blood asked me to swap, and we FINALLY got our mojo.  I healed the plate and he healed us.  Though one time I did die, and I said to him "You forgot to heal me..." but it was because there was a crystal and nobody ran to it except me so Shab and Blood took HUGE damage and nearly died.  But on our kill attempt, the other group was managing without Augment (again!  He died twice again!) and we somehow managed to scrape a kill.  Messy though!  But now I've got the hang of it I feel happy.  I'm not sure I could solo heal it... Maybe if I was a paladin.

The other group got Morchok down pretty quick and worked on Yorsahj and they did GREAT!  They got it down to 35%, so hopefully tonight they might get a kill!

So tonight, I'm supposed to be working on Zon'ozz.  See how that turns out.  Ouch.


  1. Zon'ozz ay? Have fun with that :)


  2. Zon'ozz? not a chance navi, go for Yorsahj imo

    - Rosh

  3. @Hwired @Roshii - Fue said it!!! I'm just doing what the boss said!

  4. I stand corrected! Lushnek says we are doing Yor'sahj.


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