Thursday raiding - No heroics for us, our guild leader got BANNED

If you didn't read the comments on my post from Wednesday, Belinia wrote that Fue got BANNED for apparently gold farming.  It was on the guild forums as well.  And all he was doing was sending money to a guildie for a loan.  Apparently.  What that meant for us is that we had no tank for our raid.

And mini rant coming....

I just found out I wasn't on call on Wednesday so I totally screwed my raid over because I was called in and I wasn't even on call, and when I was called I thought omg I made a mistake I am on call, but I wasn't!  ARGH!  So I am sorry to all my raid team mates because I feel like I ruined our opportunity to do Heroic Mor'chok.  /cry

Anyway back to last night's raid.

Fallnapart tanked for us - what a trooper!  He hadn't tanked before I think (I was sure he had once) and he did pretty good.  We did everything up and including Warmaster Blackhorn, leaving Spine and Deathwing for Sunday.  Ayelena joined us as the extra DPS as he wasn't given the opportunity to show is stuff in the 25 mans since he was away.

Lots of loots went out and were taken which was great.  2 Protection tier pieces, one Vanquisher and one Conquerer.  So that was pretty cool.

Poor Gutsy.  He seemed to get killed by the shockwave a lot.  The first time, he was out to far.  And we wiped that attempt anyway.  The second time, he came closer, but died again, I rezzed him, and the poor bugger, hadn't even got buffed yet, Warmaster did that aoe damage thing then shockwaved right where Gutsy was.  Poor squishy didn't even stand a chance.  Laughed my head off about it though, lucky we were close to the end.

Targetme was upset with me because I told him to heal more, as his mana was really high and his healing was not that high.  He was having some personal stuff happening at home, so I let it slide, but it's really difficult when I have to keep an eye on the weaknesses and strengths of all healers and they get grumpy at me when I ask them to try harder or do things which are different.  Target said he was going decline all raids because he felt that we didn't think he was good enough.  I just wanted him to try a bit harder, keep healing constantly never stop casting.  Maybe when things settle down he can try that.

Biship did not show up last night.  I thought at first it might have been because he was grumpy, but I forgot he normally works on Thursdays.  I send him a message and see how he is.

The other group was bashing at Zon'ozz heroic all night.  And they managed to get the achievement (Ping Pong Champion) when they gave up and did it on normal.  They said the healing on it was just insane.  90% was the best they got it to.  Yeeeowch.  I think I am more jealous of the achievement than I am of them doing heroics :)

So no raiding until Sunday... what will I do in the meantime? Oh I forgot, I have a ton of blog birthday gifts to get through :)


  1. Personal issues aside, target has shown that his healing isnt up to standard for heroics he has been told this and refuses to improve, he is in the same boat as the dps that didnt make the cut for the heroic groups. There are normals that will be run friday and saturday that will suit his skill level.

    - Voe

    Ps this sounds harsh but im sick of reading about excuses for the healing when the real issue isnt mentioned. Love you navi

  2. Looks like Fue should be back again tonight or tomorrow. Sounded a little strange the email he got back about it. But im sure he will tell everyone himself about it. Glad your group got a lot done though ^_^


  3. How did Ayelena went? He told me he had a few upgrades in LFR and tweaked his rotation and got much better dps. Hope he kept the others on their toes with his performance.

    DS alt/3rd group didnt happen (like 3ppl signed up, gg calendar event only went up yesterday...) but instead they raided Fireland 10Man. Missed out again cos my wow crashed on starting for 20 minutes... until i figured out which addon was crashing the system, but then just miss the boat when i finally got on, hope Aza got his things finished...

    Hope DS happens tomorrow but I doubt it (3 signed up so far, ALL LOCKED...) So, people SIGN UP, come on your alts, even if it is so Morchok can faceroll us.



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