Thursday raiding - No Buffy No slayer

Ah well, there is no caster love in my group :)  No crit and no haste buff makes mages and warlocks very sad pandas.  Out DPSd by melee.  Ouch.

On a high note, Nok was able to raid this week so we had a DK - but a shaman with buffage would have been nice!  Paladin tanking for H Yor'sahj is ouch, and DK tanking is much nicer.  We have no Entranosh for a month so that's gonna hurt our raid a bit (make that a LOT), so not sure what's going to happen for my group.

However, still no kill, and I feel like my heals are lacking - probably because without 5% haste I am not haste capped but I feel like I know the fight better and I just need to churn out bigger heals.  When I have mana that is.  We are doing the no-pop mana void thing and it actually is better I think especially when the bubble doesn't pop early.

Anyway, the other group got H Yor'sahj and were working on Hagara.  We finished our raid 10 mins early as Augment had to leave and pack for Melbourne.  So Sev, Shab and I did our usual - we vented our frustration on Arena.

Now this is funny, but Shabadu does put his mic on for PVP because we made him.  And Moo joined our channel after their raid was done and was like "OMG is that Shaba speaking?"  And of course, me and Sev had forgotten that Shab doesn't talk much.  HK did say a similar thing the other week too.  We had some rusty starts, but finished on a high note so that was satisfying.  The last fight with a druid healer, and 2 dps which I can't recall what they were, was well coordinated on Vent with ccs on the druid which I'm sure made them very cranky, coz it makes me cranky.  Me and Sev were bad and kept dotting up the sheep targets on other fights.  I'm surprised Shab didn't yell at us.  I said to them as we were arena'ing that arena always makes me feel better (this was after a few losses) and Shab said "Really? I can't sleep if I have bad arena games."  Just like Beauti, who also has decided to stop arena coz she can't sleep.

Will be an interesting Sunday.  Maybe Nok can bring his shaman as enhance and give casters some love.  That would make Sev more legendary.


  1. I tend to change my sheep targets on the fly quite abit, depending on the situation and when I notice enemies freely dpsing or healing. It'll probably be useful to call out which target to cc at the start as well, so we can chain cc like what we did on that druid. We should be able to shut down healers especially with cyclone, fear, poly, deep freeze, rof and 2 silences. Problem is when they pillar us...


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