Thursday raiding - Heroic Yor'sahj down!

Yay to the other group!  They got Yor'sahj down WOOT!  Was pretty exciting!!! Now we are 2/7 YAY YAY YAY!  My group was looking at Yor'sahj for the first time (well, first time for me, but Moopie and Lushnek had goes at it last week) and so we didn't make much headway on it, so I had to try and drag some details out of the other group.

So who was in the other group?
Hwired + Belinia were tanking (I think Bel was dpsing though), Voe + Beauti + Biship were healing, Azadelta + Souglyy + Roshii + Fallnapart + Barkhoof were dpsing.

They were getting close!  I had almost paused what I was doing to see what they were up to because it was at 15% but they wiped at 10% doh!  They just needed a little bit more DPS.

Apparently, the night was going really good all up.  The first few attempts they were dying to simple things like when purple ooze was up and aoe heals were adding stacks to everyone.  Hwired was getting a bit grumpy about it, because he wanted specific assignments for healers (I think they may have been doing a few FFA heals) so that people wouldn't get healed by 2 people and get pushed to 5.  Then the mana void blew up a few times before the 2nd one dropped and the black and yellow ooze meant ouchies as there were two sets of adds.  After the healers got their rotations down, for the adds they realised they needed an extra dps, so Beauti went shadow and did 17k dps which was just enough to push them over!  Voe and Biship were 2 healing (omg my mind boggles!  So proud of you Bish!).  And then BANG!  Guild spam with Heroic: Yor'sahj achievement!

Hwired and Roshii were saying afterwards the healing was easy.  Heh.  I'm sure they know this because they're healers :P /rolls eyes

Anyway, it died and I'm so happy and I wish I was there to see it!  Maybe I'll get it after I have another day bashing at it to get the hang of it.  I'm not sure what I can do about adds beating on me during purple phase :(
My group we actually had assignments on who we were supposed to be healing for purple, probably coz I'm a bit fussy about that sort of thing.  Fue and Lushnek installed the addon and it worked out a bit better, since we had issues at the beginning about calling out what blobs to hit.  I think Bloodzta is working on his ret set.  Fue asked about my dps and if I was any good... well we all know the answer to that ><

Oh I wish I had a picture of their kill!  I should have at least taken a screenshot of the guild spam.  Grats Frostwolves!


  1. How come entonash got the achievement? Was he in a non guild group?
    But grats on the kill


    1. Hey Nav,

      Healing wasn't easy, I think Roshii and I meant that we didn't see a drop off in healing when switching to 2 which was an awesome job by Voe and Bish.

      Healing assignments is good to ensure that you don't go 5 stacks but it looks a lot harder to keep people up. Having Voe call out stacks/when not to heal was more risky but it seemed to keep people up more.


  2. As wired was saying healing assignments can be used but I found screaming into vent who to heal and not heal worked a charm. Bish should be proud he listened very closely used cooldowns when asked and on the kill attempt was flawless. Very happy for our progression to knock the boss over... Now hagara ;p

    Ps kudos again to enna for her dps and bish for being on point you two should be very proud


  3. @Ksret - Oh dear, I can't believe everyone fell for that silly trick Entranosh did... he just linked the achievement in guild chat and made it look like he got it ><
    @Hwired - Whatever you guys did it worked well!
    @Voe - I think you would yell assignments or none Voeie :) That's just you! Have you realised that your name is VOICE missing an I C? :P

  4. What wired said! I didn't notice a drop in heals, Voe and bish pushed really well, I didn't say it was easy :p. And the extra dps from beauti was great! Kicked that enrage timers ass :). -rosh

  5. @Roshii - :P drama makes a good story Rosh! But you all did great!
    @Repgrind - TY Rep!


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