Sunday raiding - Bashing at Yor'sahj

I was a bit late because I had real life Lunar Festival things to do (family dinners) and so we just ended up bashing our heads at Yor'sahj again.  My group hasn't gotten it down and we're slowly getting the hang of it.

I only realised last night that there was a time of some sort of the purple phase.  And while I was looking at that wondering about it, after one of the wipes, Fue said that the last heal you did made the debuff last 20 seconds or something.  I said, no it was more like 7 seconds, because I was thinking that the next blobs came and there were a few seconds left where you still couldn't heal more than 4 stacks.  Then Sev said no, it's on a 30 second timer, and the whole thing clicked - that's why the stacks went funny halfway through - it resets!  So in actual fact I could heal 8 times!  So that relevation made it a lot easier for me in the purple phase.  Our best attempt for the night I think was 50+% but I still have to work out my positioning, as people were out of range - probably my own fault as I ran around trying to make sure I reached people and ran out of range of others.  I think I'll just stand on the same side as everyone else - DUH that would make more sense Navi, don't you think??

Anyway, respawns were coming, so we went normal and polished it off.  Next time, I want to do achievements on it if we do normal Yor'sahj :P  But with Moo and Fue in the group, do you think we can attempt any achievements? :P  Oh well, I can dream!

The other group was missing a few people so they didn't raid.  Tomorrow we have a hell  of a lot of clearing to do before reset - and that's both groups!  Though I think my group has a bit more to power through though... 6 bosses still up!