Sunday raiding - 2 short for raid means more PVP

Augment and Entranosh did not raid today so no raid for us.  Which was a bit of a bummer - though not really because that meant more arena for me, Sev and Shab.

Tol Barad was in progress when we grouped so I asked if I could do that first in the hope that I could get a win and get my double achievement, and it was going well, so I did!

We are getting the hang of this healer cc, though we still tend to be a bit all over the place when we are faced with full plate teams.  Those DK/paladin teams suck.  Not a lot of luck tonight with teams, though the one satisfying win we did have was against a warrior shaman boomkin team who creamed us the first time and we fought back the second time and won.  Then I realised I was conquest capped for arena so spent the rest of the night TRYING to win a random BG or call to arms BG.  No luck there tonight.  Oh well.


  1. Congratulations,
    Still have issues with PvP myself, so I can understand the frustration with it. Also congrats on blog of the week

    1. @frazzld - thanks! Ooh you're the first person to visit me for being Blog of the week!


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