Sunday raiding - 2 groups and 2 clears

I admit I was excited about Sunday's raid.  Thursday was a challenge, and I had my leaves all ruffled and unfortunately had a bit of flack about it - not only in game, but in blog comments too, and of course Fue was back on Sunday and I got in trouble for my crappy healer assignments.  Yes I know I didn't balance them, but I still think DPS was unbalanced too.  Anyway, it was rectified on Sunday, so I put me, Gutsy and Targetme in one group, and the other group had Voe, Beauti and Biship.  There.  One new healer in each group, one holy priest in each group.  Probably the way I should have done it before, but then I didn't want all the "leaders" in the same group - Fue, Hwired and Voe all in one group would be talking all over each other, and the other group would be silent as a mouse.

Tanks and DPS got a shuffle too.  There was some disgruntlement about that, but Fue is pretty thick skinned and just did it anyway.  The groups were pretty balanced.

So my group was now:

Fue + Hwired tanking, Gutsy + Navi + Targetme healing, Sevros + Augment + Fallnapart + Shabadu + Bloodynok DPSing.

We had 3 people who had not killed Deathwing before (Fue, Target, Augment), and Nok had done it on his priest but not his DK.  We had some crappy attempts - some were healer problems (not using our CDs fast enough, ppl dying), some were DPS problems (Elementium bolt hit the ground, Cataclysm) and some were just positioning problems.  I am used to doing it with a Disc priest with Barrier, so when the Elementium bolt hits on the 3rd platform we were all bunching up together, but with no Disc priest it's bad because one whack with a tentacle and most of us go to low health so it was bad.  So we modified it a little to have us all at that distance from the bolt but spread out sideways a little to avoid being swatted.  That worked much better.

Healer wise we did have some amusing stuff ups.  I hit Tranq at the wrong time once and had a grumble.  Then on our kill attempt Gutsy hit Divine Hymn at then end of the first platform, so I thought oh great, it won't be up for third platform.  Anyway, I tranq'd after the bolt hit and Gutsy said "Stealing my heals, BITCH," in Vent which made me LOL and Nok giggled as well.  I think you have to be a healer to find that comment funny :)  Anyway, on the last platform Target died and popped and managed to scrounge up enough mana to heal for the last bit.  It was looking really sketchy - I was OOM and crying for mana, and so was Gutsy, and I had to pause to get enough mana for a Tranq so we could get it down.  And it was a HUGE relief to get it down.  I was reasonably happy with my healing for Madness - I think druids still shine a bit there as the damage is constant and hots are always ticking and healing (unlike my usual overhealing like I seem to get in Yor'sahj).  I looked at our Deathwing kill and there are lots of things which I think could have improved:
  • Harmony - uptime was 70.9%.  At first glance I was like..  THAT IS SO CRAP, because it should be up all the time.  (Want to hear something more embarrassing? It was up 81% of the time in a previous attempt so I must be getting lazy)  However, there were lots of periods where I was not healing - jumping between platforms and the beginning of the platform when I was just regenerating mana.  And so if you count those times it's not as terrible, though should be closer to 90% though I would think.  Ugh, how embarrassing.
  • My greatest amount of healing was from rejuvenation, with Wild Growth being my second.  This was different from my last attempt where WG was number 1 and rejuv 2nd.  I used lots of lifebloom this time and not much Swiftmend for some reason I'm not too sure, so my Efflorescence didn't heal as much as I would have liked (see breakdown above - left was my other kill, the right was this week's kill)
  • I need to use my mana saving trinkets as much as I can.  I think I'm clicking too early on my Jaws of Defeat, thus not getting the full benefit of it.
So the other group did really well on Madness.  This was their group:

Belinia + Entranosh tanking, Voe + Beauti + Bish healing, Lushnek + Moopie + Roshii + Souglyy + Barkhoof DPSing.

They had a few DCs from Entranosh at some really crucial points.  Apparently, his brother was playing XBox live or something, and something wasn't working so he decided to reset the router - right in the middle of Deathwing raid.  Yeeowch.  So they wiped when they were really close.  I think their run was a lot smoother than ours, and Biship seemed to perform really well - which reinforces my take on him being holy and finding his niche again.

So that was good run all up, for both groups.  Silly 2h weapons dropped again, more healing gear please!  Left Monday free from raid for some relaxing time - which means... PVP time!!


    1. Haha youve learnt from me navi, stealing heals hehe. Lucky I wasnt in your group id be stealing your heals and youd be over healing again. Ps lol at your "leaders" comment. Since when do I fit that profile....?

      Love yah nav

      Voe (:

    2. @Voe - you know what they say Voeie, squeaky wheel... :) and is there anyone louder than you? I suppose you could say, empty vessel... Looking forward to raid tonight. Heal heal heal heal!!!


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