Sunday raiding - 1 group clearing normal, heroic group taking a break

There were a few missing from the other group, so they had to not raid - however, everyone turned up by about 9pm.  So I'm not sure why they didn't end up raiding - perhaps because quite a few of them went over to SW:TOR though they were still on Vent... I dunno.

Fearless Fue was back from his Gold Farming/spamming ban and we went and finished off Dragon Soul.  Nok came on Tahleah his disc priest as our 3rd healer, as Targetme didn't want to raid that evening.

Entranosh said "Hey, some people just use one tank for Spine, can we try that?"  So we tried that, but I died within the first minute from adds beating the crap out of me while I was trying to get the stack point.  Entranosh apologised to me and back to two tanks we went.

Nok had some lousy lag, he D/Cd mid fight.  The good thing was that the plates were coming off on first go all night, so that was really encouraging.  Anyway, a couple more wipes from simple mistakes like Fue tanking the Nuclear blast thing next to the tentacle while Augment was gripped and Souglyy dying from being gripped and not healed but nothing too horrible.  It was pretty good actually.  The healing trinket dropped (Heart of Unliving) and Gutsy won it.  I would have loved that trinket, but I can wait.  I even said in Vent "Ooh great trinket, but I think Gutsy has more DKP than me."  Gutsy won it and said "Navi, I got one thing to say - Nya nya nya nya nyaaaaaah!"  LOL!  So I said to him "It's OK Guts, your healing needs it more than mine anyway :)" or something to that effect. ZING!

Our first attempt at Madness was good up till the 4th platform when I waited 1 second too late and started Tranq but Nok/Tahleah died and we while I was rezzing him Fue died.  So a bit of tweaking and it was good.  Got Fue to use his healing CD on the 4th platform with me and my tranquility.  And I have to say, I think that trinket did make a big difference in Gutsy's healing - he and I tied first in heals for that fight!  I wonder if logs are up, so I can see if I was better with Harmony this time, though I do know I was regenning a lot now that I was missing mana tide.  I even took mana pots!  The part when you first land on a new platform is an ideal time for taking a Potion of Concentration.  Nok told Gutsy a tip - if you use your shadowfiend while Deathwing is casting Cataclysm it will always crit and you can get your full mana back.

There was a bit of a mix up towards the end.  We called for blood lust and ... nothing happened.  Fue said it again... then about 3 other people!  I even whispered Shabadu and said "bloodlust!" and he didn't reply me.  I thought maybe he had DC'd.  Fue even did a Bloodlust raid warning and it was probably after 30 seconds from the initial call that Shab said he was sated when he did the other Bloodlust and it was now on cooldown.  But it had 18 seconds or so before we could use it, but we got it down in the end, and I was OOM again...  but we did it!

Ti'tahk and Gurthalak dropped so Shabadu and Fueghan got that.  So we finished raiding by 10pm... what do we do... /grin

It's PVP time!!!

So off to Arena went me and Sev.  I was getting totally dominated.  Squashed by the DPS.  Sev admonished me for being squishy.  Someone whispered me and said "Hey, I found a way to easily get conquests points - if you just reform your arena team when it's too hard, then you can start again in the lower ranks and get your points easily."  Well, that's a good idea, but me and Sev don't play just for the points (well, we DO) but we do enjoy the challenge even if it gets frustrating.  There were a few good battles - there was a mage/rogue team that we came up against twice, the first time me and Sev outlasted their burst and then we polished them off, but the second time we had them they figured out to attack me instead and I went splat.  There was a Disc priest/feral druid combo who had a reasonable rank but I don't think the Disc Priest was mana burning enough and the feral druid might not had enough good gear because he didn't hurt as much as some ferals.  It was a long fight though.  I think it was at least 15 minutes.

Then I thought I'd take a break and do some BGs, so we asked Shabadu to join us and then Sev queued... by himself, and after some %@^$ he decided to get deserter, and I thought, why don't we get Shabadu to play some Arena in 3s with us for some practice since he wasn't playing 3s much.  And we had good games, we played 4 and won 3.  We lost our first game then Shab put his mic on and we did much better I think after that.  LOL there was a funny moment though!  He put his mic on and then I noticed I had a haste buff, and I said "Oh, you're going to use your new staff for PVP?"  And he realised then that he was still in his PVE gear... so 2 games in PVE gear. 

For some reason they always wanted to kill Sev instead of me, so I was free to heal a lot, and Shabadu was free to DPS - thank god they didn't realise Shab was in PVE gear!.  Those last 3 games were quite satisfying, one game with an enhance shaman was rather challenging.  Then the last group came and Sev said "Oh, these guys are really well geared." Each of them had 160k health.  Oh well, at least it would be a quick game, I thought.  But  it didn't turn out that way, I don't think those guys were PVP geared, because they didn't hit as hard as I thought they would and they didn't play like a super high rated team.  We actually beat them!  That was it for me for the night, but it was another good night overall.  Shaba even said "You know, we should do normals every week, so we raid for 3 days and PVP for one."  You know, that's not a bad idea :)  Maybe we can ask Fue if we can have 3 raid days instead of 4 :)  Though I don't know if that's going to happen /grin


  1. Maybe get the subs in if we are still doing normal, so some raid ppl can take mind off to pvp and subs gets gear to keep up in case they get called up to heroic bosses at time of need. I certainly hope the officers are not expecting us to show up in LFR gear and succeed... (although LFR gear seems to be the difficult part for me... fortunately there are vp gears)



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