Snowballs starting from Groupie Girl fans

It really amazes me how sometimes the littlest things can turn out to have an impact on a whole lot of people.  And it all started with a passing comment I read on someone's blog.

A bit of background to start.

There's been a whole lot about "heroes" this week.  Blogging heroes, who inspire us, make us wish we could write like them.  Azerothian bloggers all tuned into the Piggy awards hosted by Hugh at MMO Melting Pot to see who was mentioned, and who won what - it was almost like the Golden Globes but without the sexy dresses... well, I take that back, there are a few people in the blogging community who deck their toons out in sexy dresses...

Jessica Alba - Image courtesy Getty Images

Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief
So it first started with a little comment from my friend Ancient on her Nonsensical Post, Feel free to disregard I’ve been reading forever is Big Bear Butt. Back in BC I was trying to become bear tank extraordinaire, so I read BBB to make sure I was doing all the things right. I still read BBB because he’s funny and funny is high on my list of good things. But I would never comment there. Too scary, but a “Like” button I could do. I’m kind of just whispering. Hi. I like you but I’m too scared to actually come right out and say it, so “Like.”...
I told her to go say something to BBB.  She said she was too scared to even LINK to him.  But I know what she means, with famous bloggers you get freaked out they're gonna think you're really stupid, or they'll think who is this low life nub thinking they can link me, shoo pest!

So I thought about it and went to Big Bear Butt's blog to see if he had left contact information on his blog.  He had.  So I sat for a while thinking about what to write, because I knew Ancient would just fall off her chair if he came to her blog and wrote something.  It took me a few goes and rewrites before I finally hit send.  I asked BBB if he could visit Ancient's blog, and in particular, that post and make a comment.  And I told him I loved his blog.  Which is true!  I hoped he didn't think I was an idiot as I closed my eyes and clicked send.  OK.  Too late to go back now, if I look like an idiot, so be it.

A day later I received a reply from him saying he would get onto it.  OMG, I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to see if he did it or not.  And he did!  Now, polite ol' Ancient thanked Mr Butt (Who the hell calls him Mr Butt??)

Thank you Mr. Butt, I suspected as much but I’m so glad to get confirmation! And thank you for visiting.
I must confess though. When I saw that there was a comment pending and I saw WHO IT WAS I went into the exact same kind of spaz attack I did when saw that Aeonaxx was flying around above me. Shakes.
I am a long time fan and BBB lurker. Thanks to you, my little Druid tank wannabe was able to dress appropriately and avoid being the butt of jokes back in the day.
OMG! OMG! Must tell Navi! BBB was here!

So I was thrilled that she was thrilled.  I know that feeling of someone FAMOUS visiting your blog (the first time Jasyla came I was omg omg I hope I didn't any noobish druid stuff!).  But I didn't expect to see THIS at Big Bear Butt titled Who Will Be the next Great Blogger?:

...Do you know a really good writer, someone who is blogging but hasn’t had much exposure yet? They are your little secret, and you wish more people knew about them because they’re so awesome, but it can be hard to be noticed by WoW Insider or MMO Melting Pot?
Well, I’m not big time, but I’d like to know about them too!
So, what I’m asking you to do is to please leave a comment here recommending someone else’s awesome blog for me to read.

OMG!  Did he write that because of the email I sent?  And you know what else I noticed?  Ancient and I were on his Blogroll!  I immediately got on Twitter and tweeted Ancient to tell her we wer on BBB's blogroll because I was in groupie shock.  Anyway, there are lots of replies to his post, mine included!  And Hugh from MMO Melting Pot said he would add all those mentioned to HIS readlist too!  Ancient made her FIRST venture after 3 years and left a post on his blog, recommending he read Matty's blog WoWsugar.  And after visiting her site, he said "I am already really impressed with the sincerity and writing style of Blood and Sugar."  Well, this is what Matty had to say about that with her post, Let me tell you a little story:

1. See that Tome has recommended me to Big Bear. Humbled, terrified, etc.
2. Have no Internet at home.
3. But, scroll through posts on phone to see what he might be reading
4. Read "Happy New Year Imbecil"
5. See a HUGE typo
7. Throw on clothes, get keys, spend next 30 minutes driving around crazed marmosets just leaving their burrows to congregate at every McDonald's, Starbucks, and library in a 20 mile radius
8. Find wi-fi in school parking lot
9. Log in, get booted off, log on again
10. Fix typo
11. Breath relief
12. Turn on heater in car because I forgot to put on socks.

I laughed my head off.  And Mr Butt thought it was funny too "Most. Hilarious. Post. Ever."  Classic.

She followed it up later with this post, White and Strunk style for WoW Blog Writers:

Found myself completely flummoxed when Tome recommended this blog to Big Bear, and oh my, feeling a little flushed…got a comment! Big Bear Butt is Azerothnian famous for his wit and writing. Haven’t felt this reaction since I thought I spotted Brendan Fraser on Hollywood and Vine.* I’m already crazy about Tome, second only to this darling Death Knight in the Dwarf District.  And as I reached for my fan and smelling salts...

Anyway, so I can see that Matty was also in shock from being noticed by BBB.  I am sure the Big Bear would be wondering what the hell is going on with the blogging ladies out there, getting excited by him typing a few words like we were teenagers squealing at Justin Bieber or whatever it is teenagers do these days.
Image from a Bieber concert in 2006 - image courtesy

Now I recommended Bubbles of Mischief for him to add to his blogroll, and he did (after I stuffed up her blog address ZOMG), and Cymre replied with this post, Circle of Bloggers:

...I’ve been feeling really thankful lately for the wonderful community of Twitter friends and fantastic community of Bloggers out there who are willing to help others out with a link or two... Today I received an unexpected DM from Navimie to say that she had recommended my Blog in reference to a post that Big Bear Butt had written...

So you see, my one little snowball idea, turned into a big idea.  And it made lots of people happy.  No wonder I love the blogging community!  It's so easy to make people happy with a little link love here and there.


  1. I still can't believe you got my URL wrong... Geez Navi :P

    But yep, this is exactly what I was talking about. It's amazing how much support you can get from people you meet on the internet when the people you are close to don't quite get what it means in blogging circles.

    1. @Cymre - I know I was SO EMBARRASSED and all his readers could see my huge stuff up!! And besides, I think I give you more linking than anyone else anyway :P

  2. Navi you are the beautiful, little snowflake that started something that ended in the biggest, best ever, gigantic snowball, ever. Ever.

    I was so excited it was like the News had reported that the representatives of every country in the world had joined hands, were singing, Kum Ba Yah, and had decided on world peace. No really, I was that excited.

    And I was excited that Matty was excited too, and I was excited that you and I were on his blog roll!

    I remember the first time Cyn commented on an IronSally post. I ran around the room screaming, but that was back when I was NOT being the real me and trying to sound somewhat serious. I no longer do that.

    So I'll reuse my only rhyme ever, Navime the Rhyming Machine and Healer Supreme, thank you so much! I love you and the very kind and wonderful and I'm sure amazingly attractive blogging community of WoW too!

    The Ancient

    1. @Ancient - I know how excited you were, because I get all squealie when famous people come to my blog and leave a comment. Cynwise commented just recently and I was like "OMG Cynwise, PVP extraordinaire blogger visited my blog OMG" but nobody in real life knows what I'm talking about. And no need to say thanks, you being all squeee makes me all squeeee! And Matty's squeee was so funny! Too good to be ignored.

  3. It is a continual surprise to me that the Warcraft Community is as vibrant, understanding and accessible as it is. People like you keep this going and frankly we're all better off as a result. Thank you for walking the extra mile :D

  4. @Godmother - it's funny because I thought "Oh wow, wouldn't it be cool if Ancient's hero came and posted because I know if that was me I would just be thrilled to bits" And she WAS! I am just glad BBB is a really nice person and didn't write me off as being a silly goose!

    1. These people are decent, their words show this, just because they have a 'name' doesn't mean they're not the same. As Angelya says, we need more people 'out here' to talk and pass on their knowledge so we can all improve. I hope BB gets a ton of new people to read, and I hope more people have the courage to make their voices known.

    2. @Godmother - me too :) I'll see what Ang comes up with!

  5. Squees all round! Hmm... perhaps we need to have a delurkification day. Navi! Community project DM incoming!

  6. @angelya - looking forward to hearing it!

  7. I could have sworn I posted a comment on this, dangit. Suffice it to say, thank you! (And if I remember correctly the comment was really funny...)

    1. I have only just noticed this comment! Yw Matty :)


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