Roshii the luckiest Camel Hoarder

I got woken this morning by my phone and I thought it was work.

"Navi!!! Guess what!!!"

I was instantly awake, maybe not instantly coherent. It was Roshii.

"Aeonaxx?  Did you get Aeonaxx?"

"No, OMG!"

Is he ringing me to say Cyrus is up?

"I found A CAMEL!  I got the TITLE!  That's the first time I have ever seen a camel!!"

"OMG GRATS!!!!" Oh my, Falln is going to be pissed off, I thought.

"Cymre is going to be pissed!" said Roshii.

"Falln is goign to be pissed, he's found 20 camels and never gotten the right one!"

"Serves him right, this is payback for the Time Lost Proto-Drake."

I couldn't help but laugh.  Falln told me that he and Gutsy just one day happened to go to one of the spawn spots for TLPD and it was just THERE.  No camping.  Just lucky.  I told Roshii and he was like "... I camped for 3 months for mine..."

So I had to get online to take a picture.  I was so excited for him!!

I'll show you where he found it.  This is my map that I have mapped all the locations Falln and Belinia have said they have seen camels (red dots).  Roshii found one where Falln had shown me he had found one previously.

Did he have to stand right on top of the camel?  I guess when you're excited you are more bothered with getting it rather than the aesthetics of the picture.

 I love how Dormus is HOLDING a camel!

Yay!  Grats Roshii!  How am I going to go back to bed now after you've shown me this!  I'm so excited!  And the mount is a different colour from the others so I have a pic of all 3 camels for comparison.


  1. Very nice :D! A friend has the camel and the title, I'd like to get it purely so I can get closer to 100 mounts at 94 now!) but I am lazy and I don't think I'd be that lucky :P

  2. Oooooo!!! Awesome!! =D Thats deff one of the most exciting finds out there! Also, one badass title. ;)

    I mean, who wouldn't want to hoard camels!?!?

  3. Psh! What do you mean I'm going to be pissed? Oh and I guess my guide came in handy huh? :P

    But I guess now you won't have to steal any more of my camels :P Nice pics BTW :)

  4. @Veroicone - so close! I know what you mean about lazy, I hate camping!
    @Euphyley - he was very excited! My messages and calls at 530am prove it! I think everyone wants to be a camel hoarder
    @Cymre - I'm sure he did! You know, I actually have never looked at that post... :P

  5. Very interesting blog :) I hope that some day I will have camel mount :)))

  6. I need to get off my VP capping butt and go hunt for some camels! I still need to finish Archeology! GAAAA

  7. @ip - TY and good luck with your camel!
    @Logtar - archaeology is FUN! Best time waster IMO.

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