No Monday raiding! Means MOAR PvP!

Got on a bit late on Monday, and I had promised Sev that I would do some arena.  Of course, when I got on, he wasn't on, so I thought, well he must be in SW:TOR.  Then Shabadu asked me if I wanted to PvP with him and Barkhoof - who am I to complain when it's a healer/dps/tank combo?  Great for flag carrying!  So off we went and did some BGs.  We had a great run too.

Gutsy wanted to come as well so it was nice having 2 healers and a tank and DPS.  We won our WSG and Twin Peaks games, our AB game and our Isle of Conquest game.  One Twin peaks only had me and Gutsy as healers and someone asked if I was alright at healing, and Gutsy said, "No, she sucks."  And the other players were all like "..."

Thanks a lot Gutsy.  Make ME look bad.

So for that fight I went and healed the offensive while Gutsy healed Barkhoof.  Some epic battles there - Barkhoof had 5 people on him and they managed to survive and cap.  Then there was a really good Arathi Basin game where it started well, went bad, then it was round robin uncapping of flags.  Shab did lots of capping, and I tried my best to save him a few times - thank god for ice block!  Farm had a lot of action and we spent A LOT of time there trying to prevent it from being capped, and lost Mine in the process.  I healed my guts out and Gutsy must have been healing me too because I was almost dead a few times.  Was a really good, satisfying game in whole, especially since we managed to pull it together in the end and win.  I like games like that.

While we were playing, Sev logged in and gave me lots of angry/sad faces and pokes.  "Don't you check your MAIL?"  Why do I check my mail?  I am NOTORIOUS for not checking my ingame mail, especially when I'm not expecting something, and I don't play the auction house, and there are no ingame pets incoming!  So I finished off my battleground and it was 2245.  Enough time to get a couple of arena games in.  Instant queue.  Sigh, DK and Disc priest.  A bad combo.

It looked bad at the start.  Our health was low and the DK was hitting quite hard, and the priest got a few mana burns off while I was feared.  But we hung in there.  The good thing was, that it was one of our better arena locations, Blade's Edge Arena.  Lots of places for me to kite and hide and drink.  And I did a lot of drinking.  Every time I was out of combat I was drinking.  By the 30 minute mark, both sides were getting tired.  My health was getting dangerously low and I was yelling at Sev to help me, wondering why he was so quiet.  Bheetom died once but I managed to keep him up after that.  I know one of my innervates was removed, but other than that most of them got off.  Then suddenly, the DK was dead.  I'm not sure why he died.  And we were left with the disc priest.  Fortunately it wasn't one of those dreadful I never run out of mana things that has happened previously and either he died or he quit, but we won that game.  Lucky!  It was nearly at the timer mark too where we would both have ended up with a loss!  It was at that point I realised my wireless headset had turned off, and Sev hadn't been hearing me and I hadn't heard him for almost 20-25 minutes.  My arm and hand were sore!  That was enough arena for me, but boy it was really satisfying.  All in all, a great PVP day.  I love those challenging days, makes me feel like a REAL healer.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the unpredictable nature of PvP challenges making you feel like a "REAL healer." Particularly toward the end of an expansion (or patch cycle), I tend to find myself PvPing more often on both my main and my alts. Part of the reason for that is having more time on my hands, but another part is that raiding at the end of a patch cycle isn't all that challenging because we basically overgear the content. It's not as simple to "overgear" your opponents in PvP, and even if you do have significantly more resilience than the person beating on you, there's still a lot of skill and awareness involved in being successful.

  2. These past couple of weeks of bg-ing with you guys have been the most fun I've had pvping for a long time. More epic battles ftw!

  3. @Tzufit - As a healer, you feel like you use the full gamut of your defensive cooldowns with your healing and some offensive put in as well, and your opponents are real so they think fast like you do, trying to counter, so that makes it so exciting. Thanks for dropping by Tzu (this New Year's resolution of yours is great, lots of lovely comments!)
    @Shabadu - It has been fun hasn't it! We've had some really good runs :) Time for some rated BGs you think? :)

  4. I lol'd at this post.. You have panic, intrigue, romance and humor. I love love healing BG's.

  5. @Edenvale/Niki - what romance? I see panic, conflict, elation and humour there :P


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