No guildie guest spot - but it's casting time for Frostwolves Cata video!

I've been so busy trying to edit my Cataclysm Frostwolves raid video and find things to fill in the blanks of the video that I haven't had time to grab someone to do something.  However, Ayelena did ask me to make a post about something in particular, so I will be working on that and hopefully have it ready for next week.

So Frostwolves, if you want to feature in the video, grab me when I'm online and I'll get your 1 second of fame shot in!  There are 4-5 seconds of video left to fill.  So far, we have:
  • Fueghan
  • Belinia
  • Navimie
  • Lushnek
  • Moopie
  • Sevros
  • Hwired
  • Barkhoof
  • Beauti
  • Roshii
  • Ayelena
  • Faithless
  • Ksret
  • Fallnapart
  • Caedis
  • Gelina
  • Tahleah
  • Souglyy
  • Bladewind
  • Biship
And I was hoping to catch some of these people to star in it:
  • Azadelta
  • Manbull
  • Voe
  • Shabadu
  • Targetme
  • Gutsy