New Rare Pics this week

I still have a few missing from Wetlands. But here are two more I found:

Ghostlands seems to only have one rare.  Here's a better shot than the one I currently have

Eversong forest only has two, and I need a better picture of Tregla, but I didn't have Eldinarcus so that wasn't a wasted trip

Finished off Teldrassil yay!  Forgot that I had 2 missing from there.

And I took an updated pic of King Mosh, this one is better than my old shot

And look what Ayelena sent me that he found in Blackrock Mountain

And Nabe sent me this one from Skettis, I didn't even know this one existed, it's absolutely gorgeous!


  1. I really had no idea that there were so many rares in the game. I think I need to fly lower to the ground when I'm out wandering around and doing archeology!

    OMG!! It's the Navi effect, look what I did!

    "lower to the ground when I'm out wandering around" I can apparently only rhyme when I'm commenting on your blog or talking about you.


    1. @Ancient - OMG you're rhyming!! :D Well at least I can say I had a positive effect on our friendship :) :)
      If you get Silverdragon you will see low level rares popping up everywhere if you're flying. I know you have NPCscan since you saw Aeonaxx right?

  2. Yep, I have NPCScan but I forget to empty the creaturecache before longing in sometimes so it may not go off.



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