New Rare Pics this week

This was a HUGE week for rares.  With all my spare time I was out rare hunting a lot and found a lot of ones, and also lots of guildies helped me find them too.

Finally saw Rekk'tilac.  That finished off Searing Gorge.

And also Lord Sakrasis (thanks Roshii).  Cape of Stranglethorn is now finished.

Ayelena managed to see Blazewing.  I haven't seen Blazewing yet, but I wish I could have seen it, it looks so pretty, like Alar.  And I want the kilt it drops.

And polished off Tanaris too!  This rare has a story.  I flew over his spawn spot, he wasn't there.  I waited an hour, still nothing.  So I left and went to Deepholm and I noticed Falln was on.  I said hi, he asked what I was doing, I said I'm just farming now because I got sick of waiting for that rare in Tanaris.  Oh, which rare?  Let me go see.  And he went over there.  And guess who was there...

That wasn't the only rare Falln helped me with this week. I had been in Vashj'ir an hour earlier
Now I didn't even know THIS rare existed.  Falln said come and check this guy out, he's new.  Interestingly, my Silverdragon went off when I approached him, but he wasn't on the list for Tanaris.  Weird.  But the original Narain can still be found - he's down near Gaping Chasm.  And the Soothsaying for Dummies that used to be there is now "Evil Soothsaying for Dummies" but does the same thing.

There are three rares this week that I was extra happy to find.  One is of course the crab named after a certain lead designer in WoW so I was happy to finally see him.  Another rare thanks to Falln :)

And here is another one Falln found and summoned me to.  This is the spirit wolf rare in Twilight Highlands.

I was happy to finally find Shleipnarr.  There are no other horse rares in the game, and Shleipnarr is one magnificent specimen, don't you agree?

These two spiders in Redridge are funny.  The big one is Chatter and the little one is Chitter.

And I have looked so many times for this rare.  He really does only seem to be there at 8pm.  I've looked multiple times during the day and never seen him.

Finished off Winterspring too.

And the last few in Badlands

And Swamp of Sorrows is finished up

And these are from Westfall

And a few from Thousand Needles

And Searing Gorge

And here are some better photos of the ones I already have (I hate bad pics)


  1. Some really cool shots there, fun to glide through :)

  2. @Jamin - Thanks Jamin :) I love your visits :)

  3. @Cymre - I know! I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed or proud :P Actually I'm proud! haha!

  4. Broken tooth!!!

    oh I still have him as pet for my hunter from vanilla WoW

    pity it no longer have 1.0 attack speed



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