Navimie and her Lunar Festival 2012 adventures

With Cataclysm there were a bunch of new Elders to pay respects to, so I went and did that after we raided last night.  Fortunately there are not that many.  I like the Uldum elders, so I put some pics of them in just to bulk up this post :)

Then I realised that there was a new pet to be had!  And so I needed fifty coins to get that.  Roshii was also whinging about that and he had DELETED all his coins from doing the Elders of Cataclysm, so he had to start again and get his 50 coins.  So off we did to do Kalimdor.  It's great fun when you buddy up with someone who can give you a lift while I do map reading!

Now I was thinking about this as we flew through 1k needles.  Who the hell put these totem poles in the ground?  They're cut from one piece of wood and they're as high as one of these pinnacles.  And if humanoids were carrying these poles along the ground with lots of people helping, how did they get them around each pinnacle?  I mean, it would get stuck right??  Another useless thought as we wandered around the continent.  But then, I realised, those big long branches could have come from... Teldrassil!  There is one big ass tree there!

At the base of Teldrassil part of their tree was chopped off, I wonder if those poles came from here?  I mean these cut out bits seem to serve no purpose... maybe those poles were taken from here?  By maruading Horde!

Finishing Teldrassil (and passing the time for our hearthstones to be up by doing some rare hunting - will show those pics on Saturday) we hearthed back and I went to check my bank... and oh my gosh, I had left over coins from previous years!  70 in fact!  So I didn't even need to go around doing Kalimdor... but the company was fun and I found some rares and I went up to Moonglade to get my lantern.

Oh and guess what Geenia Sunshadow had up??? She had two limited spawn dresses!  Green Wedding Hanbok and Red Traditional Hanbok were there!  So I snatched them up and ended up sending one to my friend Cymre, since I now had 2 of the Green one.  So here I am modelling my new Green Hanbok and my new Festival Lantern.

So flying back, we flew over Hyjal and Roshii said, hey what's at the bottom of the lake near Nordrassil?  I said what lake?  The lake that Thrall got married at?  Apparently, it's a REALLY deep lake.  So while I was there I went for a little swim to have a look.  It is pretty far.  Bring a water breathing pot!

 Swimming down and looking up at the roots of Nordrassil.  This was a pretty cool view I thought!

 Ok, all that's down here is a rock.  Yawn.

 Oh my it's a long way back up.

Ok time to hearth out again.  Bedtime in Orgrimmar.  Thus concludes Navi's Lunar Festival adventure.


  1. Buddy systems are always great when can get one. It was a very boring night for me to get the 50 coins I needed while trying to get my Lunar Guide together. I must have destroyed mine from previous years.

  2. You look lovely in your new Hanbok, I love that shot from the bottom of the lake. I've never been down there, I'm going to go check it out.

    I had deleted all my coins so yesterday had to fly around the world. Had to have my lantern!


  3. Doesn't "real deep lake" = Well of Eternity? I seem to recall Nordrassil was planted above the lake.

  4. @Sevros - OMG you are right! For some reason I thought the Maelstrom was the Well of Eternity... /facepalms silly me!

  5. It is :p - they both are. Maelstrom is the original Well of Eternity, and Nordrassil is planted over the second well created by Illidan at the end of the War of the Ancients

    1. @Sevros - I still think Nordrassil looks small. Teldrassil is massive and Nordrassil is puny.


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