My first Mysterious Camel Figurine

Well, that's a misnomer.  It's wasn't mine.  It was Fallnapart's.  I swear Falln has the BEST luck when it comes to rares and stuff.  I was in Uldum not half an hour before and saw nothing, and he went there and saw it.  Lucky I was online at the time so he could tell me and summon me over.

So as soon as I arrived, NPCscan goes off.  OK, so now I have confirmation that it detects it.

It looks like this pile of dust on the ground when you touch it, if it's not the one that sends you to Steam Pools.

And it gives you that dust thing for 25g when you loot it. I was scared to death I would accidentally touch it while I was trying to take a picture of it and then Falln would be crankky at me if it was the Camel Hoarder one. And what if someone else came along and saw it and tried to ninja it! So I was hurrying to take pics, and I was thinking how exciting it would be to see if Falln got the title. But no luck this time. Awww.