More PVP in recent days and my first Rated BG win!

I told you I was in PVP mode.  While I was sitting around PVPing on Sunday, I saw a bunch of people looking for a healer for rated BG group.  Had to send them a tell with my resilience.

So I asked them if I could come on my druid.  I told them my resilience.  It took the leader, a holy paladin, a while to respond.  But eventually I got an invite.

I got on their vent and listened to them swearing and ranting.  Geez.  Was this a bunch of teenagers or early 20 somethings I'd walked in on?  Anyway, I wanted to see how it went.  Took them a while to oget sorted before we queued for our first BG.  There was a DK tank, a pally healer, a disc priest and me healing, 2 mages, a rogue (who was a girl), another DK and a warrior.

They ran through some strats for Warsong and Gilneas.  The leader said, I have no idea what I'm gonna do for Eye of the Storm so let's just hope the F&^% we don't get that.

Queue pops.  Warsong Gulch.
Was a standard snatch and grab for the DK/holy pally, with the rest of us to engage the Alliance in midfield.  Worked well.  We 3 capped them, and I got my first rated BG win and achievement, In Service of the Horde.

Queue pops.  Eye of the Storm.  Amazingly we just fumble around and we manage to win that as well.

Then a Gilneas battle.  Lost that one but it did have a close moment.

Then an Arathi Basin win.  That was nice.
Then a string of losses by which time people started to fade off and leave.  Asked Sev to join me for a little but there were no more wins to be had.  So Sev and I went off and did some Arenas.  Managed to drag our rating up to just over 1400, but we're not yet ranked so a few more games to go.

Then last night we were PVPing again.  Shaba was in PVP mode and then Sev got on and we all went and PVP'd.  Lushnek came too and Barkhoof as well.  It was a good run.  The 5 of us managed to win most of our games.  In fact, come to think of it we may have won all our games.  I could be wrong though.  Barkhoof was an awesome flag carrier, and Sev, Lush and Shaba were busy polishing off flag carriers.  I was doing my best to heal.  But I'm not a good burst healer unless I'm in tree form.

Barkhoof, Lushnek and Shabadu got a few achievements so that was good!  And I got a few wins in.  All in all a good couple of days in PVP.  I R Happy Drood.

Makes me think that if we just had the right people we could have a rated BG team.  Barkhoof tanking, me and Beauti healing, Sev, Shab, Lushnek, Az DPSing.  Just need another healer and DPS and we'd be set.  Maybe if Hwired got his mage up to scratch we could PVP with him.  And who else likes to heal in a BG?  I don't know who else likes to heal in PVP.  Maybe someone will pipe up.


  1. Navi your instant HOTs will have done a great job on the run, not to mention u can do the occasional bear/charge combo to delay ppl.

    I can come on my priest IF I am free but I have next to NO res :P

    btw I know Yuda likes pvp too


  2. @Ksret - No resilience? Man you are a dud Ksret!!! :P

  3. Resilience... pff.. only rookies need that


  4. @Roshii - well, I guess you could just go around ninja capping like a bitch ;) don't need resilience for that :)

  5. we cant all be brute's

    - Rosh

  6. @Roshii - heh, somehow trying to imagine Sev, myself or even Enna as "brutes" is making me laugh.


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