Monday raiding - Have I lost my touch?

This week of raiding has been really bleh.  People are unhappy, but I said I was ok.  And I actually was OK with not doing that well this week until people started talking about how bad it was.  Then I wasn't feeling that ok.

Early finishes and PVPing after raiding made the week a lot better I think.  Then we were short on Sunday, so no raiding... no problem, I thought!  We have Monday to finish it off.

The day didn't start well with me sleeping in at raid time.  Lushnek had to call me to wake me up, and I was 10 minutes late.  Then I realised that I still had my feral spec and my PVP spec, no raid spec so i had to quickly respec for raid.  Ugh, these rising costs... I think I need to do more dailies.

Everything was ok until Spine of Deathwing.  Ultraxion was good, I think we even had a new record.  Lootship was fine too.  Then on spine, people not stacking fast enough.  People flying off even if they were stacking.  OMG the plate didn't come off.  What the hell!!!  We actually had Aza on his hunter helping out which was great, and he switched to his pally for Madness.

Madness was another story.

Healing was the weak factor, I felt.  Falln was new to tanking it and he did ok, forgot to use his CDs a few times and died when getting impaled but it was all good.  4th platform, my platform was where everyone was dying.  I thought maybe it was because we were bunching up too much and getting hit by the corruption, so we did say everyone get max distance from it but don't bunch up.  The few times we got to 4th platform Gutsy died and Bloodtza died.  I think they were too close to the elementium bolt that's why they died, but I'm not to sure.  Me and Guts tried switching it around and I do the third platform and he does the 4th but then I died while casting tranquility.  So I have no idea what was going on that was different to every other time I've done Madness.

So we ended the evening with no Madness kill.  That was depressing.  So no heroics, and no Dragon Soul clear.  No wonder I feel like I've lost my touch.  It's hard too when Gutsy says he hates healing Yor'sahj but I'm champing at the bit to get it right.  I don't know if people get excited about trying to get something right, but I do, even if I feel like I'm doing a crap job, I still want to try and do it better.

On a high note I got Seal of the Seven Signs to replace my raid finder version.  At least I got something :)


  1. these things happen navi, im sure we will do better next week. I hope i dont have to tank it lol, but if the group needs a tank im more than happy to do so.


  2. Ill tank on mcvoe in your group and heal on voe in the other group haha, love yah navi!!! Ur a legend dont feel negative


  3. @Fallnapart @Voe - Awww thanks boys! I'm not really depressed exactly, just feeling like I have lost my touch this week, and not sure why. I kept looking at my gear thinking, am I wearing my cooking hat or my dalaran ring again? But it might be time pressure, you know how it is when you think ok we have to kill this we got 3 goes, and then you don't get it, whereas if we had 2 nights to do it we probably wouldn't have that time stress. Thanks Voe for offering to tank! And Falln, it's all good, next week will hopefully be better, missing your dps :)

  4. I think that’s pretty natural for competitive raiders, and I’d rather heal with someone who wants to improve each week than with someone who just stays with the curve and squeaks by. It’s been a while since I’ve done any progression raiding – it’s not as much of a priority for me now as it once was – but even once you’ve ‘beaten’ something in this game, I believe there’s still a chance for improvement no matter what role you’re playing or how well you do it. I hope you get another shot at a full clear next week! And Navi I just love how you can find the positive in everything! :D

    1. @Lilpeanut - TY, you're so sweet :) I feel better already :)

  5. Navi - remember when I was complaining this week about missing all the spell buffs for crit/haste/spell power etc? The healers in our group were missing those buffs too. :p

  6. Navi remember when i talked to you about guild preparing back up people for days that some ppl doesnt show up? Sundy raid may not have been missed. Well too bad out of the potential people, probably only me had experience beyond ultraxon (Fue your 4 week notice in December was like a 3 day notice to most of us, cos since you said it, holiday hits, ppl away, group3 never happened sometimes even group2 dont form, we sat out most raid days as only the cream gets to do even morchok and had to rely entirely on frustrating LFRs. I think i had to roll against 8-12 ppl on average per raid... so many mages/druids/dks but not many rogues at least I think my record was 15 was rolling my tier in one LFR) although not sure who had done it with PUGs. And I know that rare invite to Monday raid was a one off.

    Perhaps on Sunday/Mondays let some potentials backups fill come in like 1-2 so at least there are people who is not gonna weigh down the raids if someone did not turn up. (Maybe guys my gear lvl may not cut it for heroic yorj or zon'zz but madness lvl geared should at least not be too bad in morchok, since all raids downed morchok without heroic DS gear). And this bit of incentive will keep ppl around. Caedis has not been seen for many weeks, so is Gert and Damara left the guild, I am sure you all know that. Even I find it semi-pointless to log on. I still try to make it to Fri/Sat raids but these are not so great times for me esp Fridays. And running alt/group 3 on one night a week is not going to cut it in gearing people to be reserves anytime in a hurry. I dont see it getting past ultraxon (due to both gear and time restraints).
    However alt/group 3 + left over normal bosses on raids is a great way to train back ups. I benefited from that raid with guild raid that day greatly (getting that caster weapon) and pull my distance with core raiders a bit closer. A few more chances I may have enough experience and and gear to not let down the raid should I be called to fill in. I am sure guild would love a few more ppl in that stage. Especially if it is a healer/hybrid.

    BTW how come Aza gets to use 3 toons in a guild raid!? I remember Navi got in trouble for even asking me to bring in my holy priest for a BH run... (and my holy priest is geared enough for BH). Having said that, wouldn't his lock do more dps!? (apologies if I have mistaken).

    Anyway hope Raid is all good this week. I am sooo gonna enjoy my 6% fireball and pyroblast nerf. Arcane is just sooo boring.

  7. sorry for wall of text


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