Monday raiding - Grats Souglyy on Blazing Drake!

The other group has all the luck!  They got a Blazing Drake from Deathwing!  And lucky ol' Souglyy picked it up.  Here she is on her sexy mount, first person in the guild to get one.

Totally awesome.  Grats Souglyy on the lucky dice!

We had some pretty ordinary attempts tonight.  Bish didn't turn up for the other group, so Barkhoof offspec healed and Ksret got to come in.  He at least got the Madness of Deathwing, and so did Bloodzta in our group.  Gosh our Hagara attempts were atrocious, we wiped 4 times, some bugginess with the graphics and the actual ice spikes.  I got mad at Lushnek and he told me it wasn't his fault and then I sorta calmed down a bit, but then I died to ice spikes on the next attempt, right after Gutsy told me not to die to them.  Embarrassing. 

Warmaster at least went well, as did Ultraxion, but Spine.. the first plate took 2 goes to get off.  It was horrible running on low mana all the time!  Madness took us a few goes too, and we never lusted on the first platform.  Entranosh was having lousy connection and dc'd mid fight on Hagara.  And Blood never told us he hadn't done Madness on normal before!  Maybe he had done it on another toon or he could have just been tired because he did say he had to go to work early.  Fortunately after he said one more go, we killed it.  But it was messy, both tanks were dead.

I walked out with a Visage of the Destroyer.  I am not sure if I want it.  I think I'll give it to Lushnek.  Oh and I got Tier legs as offspec.

Phew.  Another raid week down.  Another week closer to nerfs :P


  1. Cant stop thinking about that terrible roll, 5 will haunt me for the rest of my wow days.

    grats baha

  2. @Roshii - I think you are still the "most mounts" king ...

  3. Nah that's Az I think


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