Mog my Mug - Items which Change your Appearance - Consumables

Sick of your appearance?  Longing for a change, but only temporarily?  This post is part of the series Mog My Mug - Items which change your Appearance.  Commissioned by Ayelena.


Eat and drink (or stitch!) your way to looking like something else! Consumables are easy to obtain and cheap too!

Savoury Deviate Delight
The recipe is a 1% drop from mobs in the Barrens, but the Deviate Fish are fished up from the Northern Barrens in Forgotten Pools, Lushwater Oasis, Stagnant Oasis and Wailing Caverns.  Eating it turns you into a pirate or ninja for an hour.

Pygmy oil
Made by alchemists, this is created from Pygmy Suckerfish which you fish up in Northrend (they are "attached" to another fish so you end up getting a normal fish + a Pygmy suckerfish.  Each time you drink it you get smaller and smaller, and eventually turn into a girl Pygmy!  You would have to drink almost 10 to change. Cym's post here.

Noggenfogger elixir
Bought from Marin Noggenfogger in Gadgetzan, drinking this will turn you into a skeleton.  You used to have to do a quest chain in order to be able to buy them, but I'm not sure if you do anymore.  Cool tip: You stop breathing when you're a skelly and can breathe underwater apparently!

Potion of illusion
Target someone and you can look like them!  You can copy things like a Vial of Sands or a disguised Herb and move around which is pretty neat!  This potion can be found in sealed crates you fish from around Darkmoon, or made by alchemists with Cataclysm herbs.

Lifegiving Seed
Only usable by Herbalists, you are disguised as a herb.  You can get these while you are herbing as an additional drop to whatever you're herbing, though only Cataclysm herbs will have a chance to drop it.  And you can't move when you're disguised as a herb.

Gordok Ogre Suit
This is made using Ogre Tannin (from Dire Maul), Rugged Leather, Runecloth and Rune thread.  Lasts for 10 minutes.

Magic Eater
Fished up from Dalaran sewers, if you get the "Wild Magic" debuff from eating it, you can turn into one of 4 things - Whelp, Cockroach, Basilisk or Wisp.  For a laugh try fishing when you're polymorphed!

Underbelly Elixir
Found throughout the sewers of Dalaran, these are bind on pickup.  They can do one of 3 things, and 2 of those things are transformations.  You can turn into a wasp, or a Tuskarr, or make everyone around you look like a human mage.  Only usable in Dalaran though!

Don't hesitate to comment on this post if there are any consumables I've forgotten! Don't miss the next post in the series - Self enhancements.


  1. Thanks Navi! There's also the Iron Boot Flask. Cymre at Bubbles of Mischief just did a post on it :)

  2. @Lilpeanut - Hey thanks for visiting! I've actually got that one on my previous posts in the series - Bag fillers (it's not actually a consumable even though it says flask)

  3. /facepalm

    I have a maxed alchemist, I've made many Potions of Illusion but I did not know you could click on something to transform to it, I thought it was random!

    Oh boy, going cook up a batch of those today!

    The Ancient

  4. Excellent Post there Nav and I'm glad you showed all the variations of the Magic eaters. I used to love turning into a Tuskarr. But I never liked the deviate pirate as she always looks constipated and grumpy. I always take them until I get the ninja.

  5. @Ancient - I found I had to stand quite close to the person for it work. In fact I ended up standing practically on top of Sev because when I did it at first I turned into all sorts of other things like Undead and Worgen femailes (which is the random illusion I think!)
    @Cymre - I should have included a picture of the whelp holding the fishing rod fishing. I think that's really cute!


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