Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll January 22, 2012

Ok some shamleless self plugging here, but for those who didn't know, one of my Mog my Mug posts was featured on WoW Insider's Daily Quest: Stuff that is fun.  That was a highlight of MY week :)

But these were my choice reads for the week, it's boy blog week:

Big Bear Butt says it to all those Gen Y's out there with his Bearwall alert and grumpy bear soapbox from hell.  It annoys me too when people log on and whine about being bored.  Don't logon then.  Gosh every time I login I think about all the things that I need to do and I don't have time to do it.  I don't have time to do all my Darkmoon dailies, I never have my 250 Grisly trophies by the end of the week.  I don't have time to do random heroics to try to get my last Darkmoon book things (or rather, try to roll to get them!).  I have a whole ton of fishing to do for raid every week.  I'm out of red gems, I need to go mining.  I have rares in Hyjal, Deepholm and Uldum that I'm still trying to take pics of, and hell if I had heaps of time I'd love to be out there looking for camels.  And then I'm busy raiding every week.  But I hear those people saying "But those things are so boring!"  Sigh.  Enough said then :)

Fannon has written about accepting the upcoming nerf with aplomb, without screaming about how unfair it is in his post This week in raiding: Nerf acceptance... sort of.  This post saves me from having to write a post about the raid nerfs, which I was going to do.  Roshii asked me this week what did I think of them, and I said, well, at least you can turn them off, did you want to turn them off?  His reply?  "No, of course not!"  Which surprised me because I know he was disappointed that stuff was nerfed before we got to kill Rag.  But I guess, if everyone is taking advantage of the nerf, then of course why shouldn't we?

Matticus hit the nail on the head with his Admit It: You get High from Being Clutch.  That feeling of OMG yes I AM AWESOME is a really good feeling as a healer.  I think every healer can identify with this feeling.  I just wish as a druid I had more of those times...

Cynwise wrote on Blogging Heroes - and said that he never wants to make people despondent because they don't write as well as him.  He wanted to say that he's just a normal guy, your average Joe, bashing away at his keyboard and hitting publish.  And that anybody can do that.  Even you.  Angelya did a follow up post and too about Plums - saying even though you feel like people don't read what you write, some people like Bananas more than plums and maybe your writing will appeal to those people.   Well I think that's what she was saying.... but oops how did she sneak in here?  This was a boy blog weekly review!


  1. Anyone can do it! :)

    Thanks for the link, and congrats on your WoW Insider appearance!

  2. @cynwise - OMG ty for visiting, it's an honour :)

  3. Thanks for the link and the mention, Navimie. It's always a nice surprise to see that someone found one of my posts interesting enough to link to on their own blog. :)

  4. @Fannon - yw, and TY for dropping by :)

  5. Grats on your Wow Insider linkage! Oh, and thanks for sneaking me in ;) It's kind of more like... don't try to be a banana to please one banana-lover, when you are really better at being a plum. There are still loads of people who love plums. Does that make sense?

  6. @Angelya - ohhh... /thinks hard .... I think I get it


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