Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll January 8, 2012

I just realised that I didn't post a weekly highlights last week, so I didn't get to say Happy New Year readers!

This week's highlights are all related to the positive aspects of gaming.

Tome of the Ancient linked a post from Mataoka of Sugar and Blood about "Level up life: Gaming can Enhance your Reality".  Basically it's talking about how you act in the real world how you would act in a game.  It's called "Game transfer phenomenon" - and examples would be like crossing the road in Frogger, waving your arm to open the door like in some Wii game, or turning your steering wheel in a Mario Kart type manoeuvre (which was what the author of the article did and it saved their life.. maybe).  It is quite a positive article, talking about enhanced hand-eye coordination, and perception and cognition.

Big Bear Butt talked about Bears and Cubs.  It's about BBB giving his young son WoW for Christmas.  Because he let his son play a trial account, and his son didn't like it anymore because it didn't do what Dad's account does - talk to people, make a Worgen, can't trade, can't be in a guild.  So BBB took advantage of the Christmas sale over at Blizzard and got the whole lot for $35.  I love how he talked about his son playing.  It reminded me of my daughter playing WoW, and she is younger than BBB's son.  That article I wrote was ages ago! I hope she likes WoW too when she is that age.  But how could she not, when mummy is on it all the time?


  1. It's always so nice to find a mention of gaming that's positive, see, I'm improving myself!

  2. @tomeoftheancient - that's what I tell myself :)


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